Save the Wolves

For all of you that know me I am a very big advocate for the environment and an even bigger supporter of wolves. I have loved wolves for as long as I can remember. With each wedding I photograph I will be making a donation to the below organizations. Click on the links below to find out more.

International Wolf Center / Defenders of Wildlife / Wolf Haven

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Amy & Pat E-Session/Hudson Valley 

Here are some favorites from Amy, Pat and Axel's E Session in the Hudson Valley NY. We had a great time walking around the woods and hiking up some waterfalls and cliffs. Thank you guys from making the ride up and spending some time with Adrienne and I.

Image by Adrienne

Image by Adrienne

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Sara & Michael Wedding/The Venetian

The Venetian Garfield, NJ

Sara and Michael had a beautiful Spring, I mean Winter wedding. You wouldn't know it since it was 65 degrees out. WOW!! What a gorgeous day. We started at the hotel where both Sara & Michael were getting ready for their day. After their ceremony we headed down to Liberty State Park for some time with the bridal party and the Manhattan skyline. The rest of the day was a non stop party at the Venetian. You can see some of their Engagement images here which we shot in NYC.

Here is their story:

It was the summer of 2008 and we were at the Annual East Coast Family Coptic Church retreat when a vicious 12-person game of Egyptian Ratscrew erupted. Being the competitive types we knew it was GAME ON! After hours of blood, sweat, and broken nails, we were the only 2 players remaining. Each of us with a deck of cards in our hands and we weren’t going down without a fight. Round after round the game went on for multiple hours, both of us had large bruises along our diaphragms from constantly leaning against the table. At the end of the carnage Mike emerged victorious! After this devastating defeat, Sara knew she would have to marry this ruggedly handsome, charismatic, dough-boy-t-shirt-wearing warrior. Little did Mike know that his prize would end up being much more than just this card game. After years of being best friends, Mike popped the question “on a Tuesday” in December of 2014. Sara said “YES” making him the happiest man alive!

From there we went on in search for vendors for our big day. We wanted only the best and Jeff Tisman certainly set the bar very high! We fell in love with his portfolio online filled with beautiful images which radiated with personality, detail, and creativity. We set an E-Session date “on a Tuesday” in October in the Financial District of Manhattan, NY. The weather was beautiful and sunny and we ‘chased the light’ capturing amazing and ‘trippy’ photos for over two hours! Jeff’s amazing talent of finding light, balancing lines and shadows, while making us feel at ease resulted in the most amazing pictures. We could not wait for our wedding!

On February 20, 2016, the stars aligned, the clouds disappeared and the sun shone on our perfect wedding day. It was magical - filled with laughter, tears of joy and utter happiness. The light shone on our guests’ smiling faces through the stained glass windows at the St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church in Jersey City, NJ all throughout the ceremony. Afterward, we were escorted in a luxurious silver and black Rolls Royce to the Liberty State Park where we met our 14-person bridal party who had clearly kicked the party off on their way over! Jeff and Adrienne navigated the hysteria and captured beautiful photos of everyone’s excitement. From there it was time to party!

We felt like a king and a queen at the grand Venetian in Garfield, NJ. We made our grand entrance down the large spiral staircase as we were introduced for the first time as Mr and Mrs Khalil. We received advice in during our families’ speeches, ate until we were stuffed, swayed and twirled on the clouds during our first dance, and belly-danced until our legs wouldn’t move any longer. At the end of the night, we surprised our guests with personalized glowsticks, which ensured that no one left this party early! Our DJ, Mina M Sal from the Palace Entertainment, surpassed our expectations and worked the crowd into a dancing frenzy. We cannot wait to see our wedding album from Jeff and our video from Northeast Horizons.

We want to thank every single person who celebrated with us to ensure our big day was beyond EPIC!

Sara & Mike

Ceremony: St Mark Coptic Orthodox Church, Jersey City
Venue: The Venetian
Flowers: Dalsimer Spitz & Peck
Hair: Wendy George
Makeup: Elie Esper Salon
Cake: Palermo’s
Music: Mina M Sal (The Palace Entertainment)
Video: Northeast Horizons
Dress: Danielle Caprese (exclusive Kleinfeld Bridal designer)
Veil: Toni Federici

Loved this one of Sara taking a quiet moment writing to Mike.

Sara got in her dress with her mom and Maid of Honor, her sister Reim.

Mom helping with the final touches.

Funny moment as the guys were trying to figure out how to put on their personalized suspenders Michael got them.

Michael opening and reading Sara's letter to him.

Sara looked absolutely beautiful.

Their first reveal with each other. Great moment.

Sara talking a walk with the flower girls.

Dad heading out to greet Sara and mom before the ceremony.

Some moments of the ceremony.

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Rachel & David/Grounds For Sculpture, NJ

Grounds For Sculpture, Hamilton NJ

Although I was lucky enough to capture Rachel & David's wedding I was able to spend an afternoon with them on their E Session. Which you could also see here. When I wasn't available for their wedding I suggested my associate shooter Adrienne. They all got together and the rest they say is history.

Here is their story:

On our first date we ended up talking about all the taboo topics: politics, religion, family dynamics...and yet not for a second did anything seem off limits. And we laughed! The kind of laughter that made us feel we'd known each other for the longest time. In short order we met each other’s friends and families and planned the next several months with the other one in mind. Fast forward to a cold February night in the Catskills. Outside in the snow, in front of our rented hippie cottage lit up with twinkly lights we decided we needed each other in our lives forever.

We got married at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ on August 8, 2015. For us, the venue was the perfect combination of art, nature, warmth, intimacy and of course, incredible food at Rat’s Restaurant. To top it off, we were lucky enough to have perfect weather that day. Our photographer, Adrienne Longo, captured us in the full range of stunning locations that GFS has to offer. Her vision and talent showed in each beautiful picture. We truly became part of the art landscape.

A huge thank you to Jeff Tisman for our gorgeous engagement photos. From the newspaper announcement, to our wedding website, and finally to our fireplace mantel his photos have had such a prominent place in our lives. Our friends and family haven’t stopped complementing us on the photos! And to Adrienne for capturing our day with beautiful photos. When we heard Jeff wasn't available he showed us Adrienne's portfolio. We were blown away and upon talking and meeting with her we knew we were in good hands. Another big thanks to the incredible Mary Harris, who coordinated our day, and to Dorry Bless, our talented and kind celebrant.

Rachel & David

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Marisa & Brian/The Palace at Somerset Park

The Palace at Somerset Park, Somerset, NJ

Funny story about Marisa & Brian's wedding I remember most was getting a call from Marisa about two weeks before her day. I was booked for Saturday & Sunday of her weekend. When she told me the date I was a little hesitant because of having to do three weddings in a weekend. But during our conversation I asked her "why she didn't have a photographer yet"? Her answer. "I haven't found the right one". Well how could I say no to that? And the rest they say is history. They had a beautiful day for their wedding. They chose to have a first reveal and what a great reveal it was. Brian was super excited as you can tell from the images below. They had their ceremony outside on the balcony of the beautiful Somerset Palace. They then had a rocking party that included a dress change for Marisa. Thank guys for a great Summer evening.
And now Here is their story:

New York, NY – June 8, 2011 Caribbean International Fashion Week; it was 7:00pm and the “Arena” had a full house. The energy was high and you could feel the electricity flowing through the air. The buildup for the show was nothing short of exciting but perhaps cupid was about to make a grand entrance.
Fast forward ahead it was now show time, lights, camera action! As Marisa graced the runway, Brian was lost in the moment and instantly there were only two people in the room. Marisa walking down the runway in slow motion and Brian was her greatest admirer and biggest fan. It was at that very moment, he heard a soft soothing voice, which he now knows was the voice of God; and He said “this is the woman you’re going to marry. You’re looking at your wife.” A mutual friend, Donn, who introduced the two the day before must have realized some supernatural force had overtaken Brian. Donn gave him a nudge. Brian looked over at his friend and saw that he was in utter laughter. It was suddenly apparent to them both; Brian was smitten for good.
Over the ensuing months an undeniable connection drew them into a friendship which eventually blossomed into an endless romance. They’d soon forget what life was like before meeting and hopelessly falling in love. The joy, passion and excitement they shared felt natural and destined to be. Marisa had been praying for God to send her a man who was charming, protective, and compassionate. One she could someday call her husband. She soon realized that Brian was the man she was waiting for all along. They dated for approximately two years and though the topic of marriage would come up from time to time Brian was able to pull off the surprise of a lifetime on March 21, 2014. On a surprisingly warm evening and with the sun setting over the beautiful New York skyline, the stage was set at the historic Eagle Rock Reservation, West Orange, New Jersey. It was at this otherwise unassuming place that Brian professed his unwavering love to Marisa on bended knee as he asked for her hand in marriage. In sheer surprise and with tears in her eyes Marisa happily said, “YES!”
One year and three months later, June 5, 2015, Brian and Marisa exchanged vows to seal their bond as husband and wife in an unforgettable ceremony before God, family and friends.
We were thrilled we had the privilege to work with Jeff. His high energy and creativity made our special day even more enjoyable and memorable. Jeff brilliantly captured our love behind the camera with stunning images we will cherish forever.

Marisa & Brian

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