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Save the Wolves

For all of you that know me I am a very big advocate for the environment and an even bigger supporter of wolves. I have loved wolves for as long as I can remember. With each wedding I photograph I will be making a donation to the below organizations. Click on the links below to find out more.

International Wolf Center / Defenders of Wildlife / Wolf Haven

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Janelle & Matt/ Pleasantdale Chateau Photographer

Pleasantdale Chateau, West Orange, NJ

Janelle and Matt had their wedding at the beautiful Pleasantdale Chateau. It was a perfect day for a wedding. We did all of Janelle and Matt's pictures before the ceremony which took place at a local chapel. They left enough time for us to photograph the bridal party and family shots before the cocktail hour started. They of course rocked the night away in a great celebration. Enjoy the pics!!

I'm usually not a big fan of the dress hanging in window photo but I liked the composition of this one.

Janelle reading her card from Matt.

And the stylish purse she received as a gift. I think I overheard a couple of 'ohhh's and ahhh's' when she opened it so I think it was pretty expensive. ;)

Just thought this was a funny shot. Lot's going on.

Matt's cool cufflinks.

Matt's best man was his dad.

The next several were all captured around the Pleasantdale Chateau's grounds. LOve shooting around here!

Great toasts. Love Janelle's expressions in these.

Janelle and her sister dancing the night away.

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Staci & Andrew/Rockleigh Country Club

Rockleigh Country Club, Rockleigh, NJ

Staci & Andrew had a beautiful day for their wedding. This was a fun one as Drew Noel Photography and I teamed up to capture the days events. We arrived at the hotel and split duties capturing Staci & Andrew's prep. They had a great first reveal while family and friends watched on from a distance.We then jumped in the car together and traveled to a few locations before heading back to Rockleigh to meet the bridal party and family. They had a rocking party and danced and celebrated the night away.

Here is their story:

How we met:
One day when Staci was at work, an email popped up on her screen from her friend Andrea, “Would it be OK if I give your number to this guy I work with? His name is Andrew and I think you two would be a good match.” Since Andrew worked with 2 of Staci’s close friends, and both vouched that he was a “great guy,” she agreed to the set up.
Their first date was at Pipa in NYC on 4/7/09. Ironically, April 7th is Staci’s parents anniversary and the date corresponds to Andrew’s lucky number since he was a little kid (47). On their 4 hour first date, Staci and Andrew realized they had a ton in common and had a connection instantly. Their relationship blossomed pretty quickly, and during a trip to Miami a few months later, Andrew walked Staci to the beach in front of the Loews Hotel (right where they stack the chairs every night) and told her that he loved her for the first time…

The proposal:
Fast forward to Labor Day weekend of 2012. Andrew was just about to start business school at NYU, and told Staci they should plan a long weekend before his schedule got crazy busy. They decided on Miami (it was their go-to long weekend away from NYC spot). When they checked into the Loews, there was a card waiting for Staci in their room “thanks for being such a great client, please enjoy a complimentary manicure and pedicure in the spa tomorrow.” “Hmmm, how nice,” Staci thought…it was after midnight and she was exhausted, but as she went to sleep that night her mind started reeling to a discussion that she had with Andrew a few years earlier when she joked “hey, when you decide to propose to me, make sure I have a fresh manicure.” Staci tried to just block out any thoughts…this was just a long weekend away from NYC, just like every other long weekend…

The next day, Staci and Andrew laid out by the pool, Staci went for her spa treatment, and when she got back to the room, Andrew said, “let’s go take a walk by the beach before dinner.” As they started walking towards the beach, Staci noticed Andrew seemed out of sorts, though he claims that he was cool and collected the entire time! They got to the beach, to that same exact spot in front of the Loews where the chairs were being stacked and Staci goes, “want to tell me you love me for the first time again?” This was something they did during every trip to Miami, so Andrew could anticipate it was coming. With that Andrew said, “Well, I wanted to take you to the very first place that I told you I love you as my girlfriend, because I want it to also be the last place I tell you I love you, as my girlfriend. I want to tell you I love you as something so much more…” With that, Andrew got down on one knee and proposed. After Staci dropped in the sand to give Andrew a huge hug, he whispered “oh, by the way, a photographer has been here the whole time snapping pictures behind a cabana.”
It truly was the most special proposal, Andrew literally thought of everything, leaving out no detail!

The Wedding:
The wedding was on a picture perfect day in September. We got some amazing shots at some of the coolest locations - including some awesome barn/horse shots. The entire day was magical - and even though Staci and Andrew celebrated with 200 of their closest family and friends, it was apparent that they only had eyes for each other.

Lot's of details with this one.

Nice moment between grandma & Staci while she was getting ready for the day. Love capturing moments like this.

And all this time I thought plates were for eating. Who knew they were for covering your face? :)

Staci's sister Jamie capturing some key moments of the day.

It was a very busy suite with a lot going on. :)

Dad and Staci having a moment together.

Staci made Andrew a photo book of some of they moments together. Of course it had some awesome images form their E Session with Drew and I. (shameless plug)

Amazing capture by Drew of Andrew and his dad in a very emotional moment.

Here is their first reveal. So much fun as family and friends were looking on and showing their approval.

The next several were shot in different locations as Staci & Andrew rode along with us stopping at various places 'along the way'.

Staci looked beautiful and also chose not to wear a veil.

These next two are really special. You can almost feel Grandma's love for Staci in these pics as she looks on and listens to the blessings as Staci & Andrew become husband and wife.

Love capturing moments like this!

In Jewish ceremonies they are actually married before doing the ceremony in front of guests. Here the just finished signing the marriage license and the rejoicing begins.

Waiting for their cue to head out to the ceremony.

So much emotion...

Sharing of the wine.

Andrew reading his vows to his beautiful wife.

For photo geeks out there. Reflection was achieved by holding my iPhone under the lens.

The room decor at The Rockleigh.

They had a custom made cake topper that also included their pooch. Gotta' love dog people.

The grand entrance...

First dance.

Some great toasts by family and friends.

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Brooke & Ryan/ Stone House at Stirling Ridge 

Stone House at Stirling Ridge, Warren, NJ

Talk about luck. With this being one of the coldest winters in a long time Brooke & Ryan's day was 55 degrees. Sandwiched in between 20 degree days!! It was a perfect day. Snow on the ground and warm enough outside for all their photos and even the ceremony. They started out at Dolce in Basking Ridge NJ. Getting ready in one of the biggest bridal suites I've ever photographed in. After their first reveal we headed to Stone House with just Brooke & Ryan for their pictures. We were later joined by the bridal party and family to finish everything up. They had a beautiful ceremony outside complete with heat lamps to keep their guests warm. Of course lots of dances and great speeches and a classic ending at Stone House, s'mores for all their guests.

Here is their story:

How we met:
Ryan’s first words to Brooke were “It’s always nice to meet another Arrested Development fan” and she was instantly hooked. Our first date was at Flex Mussels on the Upper East Side, and Ryan solidified the deal when he brought her Levain cookies and had her taste them before the meal was even served. And it just took off from there. Despite Brooke being a pediatric resident at NYP-Weill Cornell Hospital and Ryan working crazy hours at CBRE, we somehow always managed to find the time to laugh together, watch our “bad tv” together, and even travel around the world together.

Almost 2 years after we met, we were walking to meet our parents for brunch on Mother’s Day. Ryan had been as Brooke would say “way too smiley” all morning and right as we walked past our first date restaurant, Flex Mussels, Ryan bent down on one knee and popped the question! A town car was waiting to take them straight to Ryan’s parents house in NJ where both families were waiting with a celebratory brunch.

Wedding Planning:
When it came time to planning our wedding we really stopped first to think about what was most important to us. Our biggest goal we had was that we wanted the day of our wedding to “feel like us”. The minute we saw the Stone House, we knew right away that goal was going to come true. The place is the perfect blend of modern & rustic and allows you to feel cozy and luxurious at the same time! We thought our next step of finding the photographer would be difficult because we knew we were very picky in that area. Then Carissa at the Stone House recommended Jeff Tisman so highly that we had to take a look. The minute was saw the pictures on his website we were sold! It was everything we were looking for: creative, unique, stunning. We had an amazing E-session in the summer with Jeff that secured our decision even further.
With help from our parents, we locked down every last detail. We had a kick*ss band, a florist who shared our vision, and invitations that people went out of their way to tell us how much they loved! We were ready to rock!

Wedding Day:
It was the most perfect weekend either of us has ever had. Starting with the getting ready time with our bridal parties and families to the incredibly authentic ceremony to the nonstop dance party and endless food at the reception – it was all an unbelievable dream. And the best part was that every detail truly felt like us. We are so ecstatic that Jeff was there to capture every moment and cannot thank him enough for his professionalism, creativity, and most of all, his insane eye! Thank you!!

Our Dream Team:
Venue: Stone House at Stirling Ridge (with Carissa Demarco)
Photographer: Jeff Tisman
Band: Faze 4 - The Next Faze
Florist: A Touch of Elegance
Hair: Roland Hernandez
Make-up: Nancy Kinover-Stiener (Glam Salon)

Lots of fun details from the day.

Cool one of Brooke getting ready for the day.

Brooke had custom made wood boxes for all her bridesmaids filled with really thoughtful gifts. Each one was individualized for each girl. This was the moment Brooke brought them all into the room to give them.

And here they are showing off their awesome new customized shorts. These guys were so much fun!!

A new trend I see happening is the bride having the big bridal party and all the fun that goes along with it. But it's also nice to get ready in a calmer way. Here Brooke is getting ready with just her mom and aunt.

Great moment as Brooke was seeing herself for the first time in her wedding dress on her day.

This seems like such a classic image to me. Love the birdcages.

Fun capture by Dan of Ryan and his boys getting ready.

All of these were captured at Stone House. Love it here!!!

Brooke looked beautiful on her wedding day and was so comfortable in front of the camera.

One of my favs from the day.

Ryan reading his vows to Brooke. He had everyone laughing, smiling and crying.

Ceremonies should be happy and joyous.And this one was certainly that!!

The room looked beautiful thanks to Touch of Elegance.

Here are a few from their first dance together.

I had to post all of these. Brooke's face of 'terror' was so classic. Love the hora!!

Great reactions to the toast's.

Brooke and one of her bridesmaid's dancing the night away.

Love this sequence. What's happening here is Brooke surprised Ryan and all the guests by changing into another dress. Here she is spotting Ryan across the room and Ryan's reaction to the dress and how amazing Brooke looked in it.

We'll run till we drop, baby we'll never go back
"H-Oh"!!! Def. a favorite candid. I'm a huge Bruce Springsteen fan and this is during 'Born to Run'.

Love this image.

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