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Lynn to Kirk/New Jersey Wedding Photographer

November 6, 2011
Liberty House
Jersey City, NJ

Right from the moment Steve & I arrived in Lynn's hotel suite we knew it was going to be a great day. There was such a great energy in the room. Everyone was relaxed and having fun. After some prep shots and detail shots we headed downstairs to meet Kirk. The restaurant & bar at the hotel was also the sight for their very first date so it seemed appropriate they have their first reveal their as well. After some shots in and around the hotel and waterfront we headed to Liberty State Park. We were soon joined after by the bridal party and families and eventually made our way back to the Liberty House for a amazing fall afternoon ceremony. One of the highlights was Kirks daughter singing them a beautiful song. Of course a rockin' party ensued as the Manhattan skyline served as the backdrop. The night was capped by smores' and hot chocolate by the fire pits.


Some fun with Lynn's shoes.

Loved the angles in the room.

Great capture by Steve of Lynn & mom having some fun getting ready.

Kirk getting ready for the day.

This was Lynn's nephew receiving his first "film" camera from Lynn's dad. Yes, a "film" camera.I could get into what "film" is but I'll just say look it up... :)

Beautiful moment when dad first saw Lynn. I could tell these 2 had a very special bond with each other.

This is so great. When Lynn and Kirk were having their "first reveal" I turned around to find these 3 peeking from behind a wall to see the moment.

Shot in front of Jersey City Hyatt. What you don't see his Steve literally hanging on the edge holding the reflector with the Hudson River behind him to break his fall in case he falls backwards. Thanks Steve!!

Loved this shot of Lynn. Amazing eyes!

Kirk and his posse.

Def. my favorite from the day.

Another great capture by Steve. It really was a perfect day.

Love this image of Lynn & dad walking up the aisle. It was so great to see Lynn so in the moment. Really enjoying it!

The kiss as the moon rises in the distance.

The new Mr. & Mrs.

Kirk used to be a boat captain so we wanted to include some of the boats that were docked next to The Liberty House.The nice little sunset behind them didn't hurt either. Figure I'd include that as well. :)

First dance.

Good times. This really was a fun group to be around.

And of course I had to include NYC in some of the shots.

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