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Farah to Douglas/New Jersey Wedding Photographer

February 25, 2012
Naninas in the Park
Bellevile, NJ

So, how do I know there was a "slight" winter this year? Well the first wedding of the year took place in the only snowstorm of the season and now Farah & Doug's took place on probably one of the coldest and windiest days of the year!! In between all that it's been beautiful. I'm not saying their day wasn't beautiful just really windy & cold. We arrived at the hotel to meet up with Farah & Doug who chose to do all their photos before the ceremony before heading to the church for the ceremony. We then headed over to Naninas in the Park for their party. I also have to say how great the staff is at Naninas. Having never worked their before it's always nice when we all work together to give our couples the best we can do. And right from the start the entire staff made us feel welcome. And along the lines of meeting new friends I also want to thank Greg and his team at Endless Wave Studios. Sometime working along a video team that's is only out for themselves can be very difficult. The Endless Wave team was amazing to work with and they produce some amazing results. Farah & Doug chose to have a same day edit at their wedding which was really spectacular. Loving this wedding also. So far 2 great weddings to start the year. Here are some of my favorites from the day.


Doug had written a beautiful letter to Farah on their day.

The shot on the far left was their custom made runner in the church. Farah's dress hangs in the doorway. Her flowers and the cake.

Farah was a great bride. Having some fun before the craziness began. :)

Some more pre day fun.

Love this shot. That's Farah's mom getting pretty emotional as Farah was "becoming" a bride.

Uh, this was easy! Simply beautiful!

My 2 favs from the day of the 2 of them.

One of my all time favorite bride portraits. I noticed a fairy tattoo on Farah's back. So while walking through the hotel lobby I noticed a giant boat propeller on the wall. I positioned Farah in between the wall & me and thought it looked like fairy wings. This is why I always ask for more time for my bridal portraits. You never know what you'll find and where you'll find it.

Some more details from the day.

Gotta' love the entrance wearing their Giants jersey's.

The first dance was complete with "magic snow" (actually soap being shot out of a hose from the DJ).

Fun shot of Farah & Dad's dance together.

The toasts.

These are some great captures of the 2 of them as they watched and enjoyed Endless Wave's amazing same day edit. Really love the expressions on their face in this series.

Farah & her friends tearing up the dance floor.

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