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Margaret & Carla/Pleasantdale Chateau

WOW!! That's all I have to say about the celebration of Margaret & Carla. Right when we arrived we were welcomed with open arms. It was full steam ahead right from the get go. Jenny of Jenny Orsini Events went above and beyond with the details. Really incredible design by herself and her brilliant team. There was so much going on hopefully you'll get a small taste of it all with the photos posted. Some of the amazing team assembled by Jenny, Margaret & Carla include
A Touch of Elegance on florals and lighting
Groove shop : music
Special guests Lime and France Joli
Stationery: Paper works and events
Cakes by Stef: wedding cake
For the modern bride: card box
Video: Peter Ferriero
Tony Santana on cigars
Laura madden and staff at Pleasantdale
Makeup by Tammy Boesch
Paula Kares hairstylist
Runner by The Original Runner Company

And most important to me was my amazing team of my assistant Dan and Adrienne Irizarry second shooting for me.She helped me capture one amazing day. Together the three of us rocked!! Thank you guys. And of course working along with my friend and favorite cinematographer Peter Ferriero of PF Films is always a pleasure. One of the best out there.

Here is Margaret and Carla's story...

Carla and Margaret met several years ago through mutual friends and it was literally an “electrifying”, mutual feeling at first sight! The kind of feeling people only describe in the movies. Really. Due to a thousand mile apart distance at the time and other factors, it wasn’t the right time when we initially met. It’s ironic however, that we both met an airport (Carla is a commercial pilot – yes, very way cool and beyond sexy!)
While keeping in touch, Carla’s aviation career eventually took her to the tri state NYC metro area YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Long story short, our story is one of many hurdles; one of real love, patience, and sacrifice in every good sense of the word. It is one of deep commitment after many years of an unknown since we were so far apart (distance wise). We had and continue to build on a feeling of a complete deep connection, mutual respect, unbelievable admiration for one another, and a commitment to surpassing whatever hurdles come our way. No, it was not easy, but nothing that is worth it is.
On a beautiful night in the Western Caribbean, Margaret popped the question and asked Carla to be her wife!
While we had been engaged for several years, we came back from our 2013 Christmas holiday out West and decided this was OUR year. What were we waiting for? We both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Landing in Newark on New Years’ Eve, 2013, Margaret called her maid of honor, her sister, and said “this is it, please help us start researching venues.” Immediately, Margaret’s sister came up with a top three list knowing Margaret and Carla’s criteria – a venue that only holds one event at a time and one that is utterly elegant. We chose the Pleasantdale Chateau because no other venue provides what they do – it is a truly unbelievably gorgeous venue, holds only one event at a time, provides a truly gastronomical experience, and its service only truly be described in a fairy tale. It’s that’s simple. The minute we walked into the Pleasantdale and had a chance to meet the staff and tour it, we knew this was the place where we would share the most important day of our lives together, not only with each other, but with our family and friends.
Our Wedding
What can we say? It’s still all a blur to some extent. We had our families fly in from Italy, England, Canada, friends from Holland and others from 15 states fly in! The love and support from our family and friends was just incredible! We are just back from our honeymoon and are still trying to recount the moments. It was sooooooo gorgeous, so elegant, but MOST importantly, it was a BLAST!!!! We’re both HUGE music hounds! While having the honor of having the “Groove Shop” perform (soooo soooo incredible beyond words – thankyou Addie Silver – we love you!), we also surprised our guests with two special performers throughout the night. While we both love all types of music, Margaret is a HUGE classic disco buff, - the type of music you would only hear back in the infamous Studio ’54 days in NYC. With the help of her good friend and amazing DJ Alex Garcia who spun a crazy after party, she had LIME and the Canadian sensation France Joli perform as surprises for her guests whom both completely brought down the house!!!!
The entire night just ROCKED! Carla is also a highly accomplished musician and surprised Margaret at the reception by playing bass with the Groove Shop to “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk! How cool is that? A beautiful bride in a couture wedding dress rocking out on bass at our wedding. EPIC & AWESOME!!!
From the minute we walked into the reception, to the end of the after party, (which ended after midnight by the way with a 4pm start), the dance floor was just packed and that’s exactly what we wanted ALL NIGHT! If we had to repeat it, our wedding day would never be the same. Our day was just THAT special and the energy cannot be described from the minute we arrived to the minute we left the Pleasantdale the next morning! Our wedding was truly priceless and unforgettable in every way! It completely ROCKED!!
One last note, we could not have pulled off the incredibly magical day we had if it were not for our 
“dream team” – Jenny Orsini Events (YOU COMPLETELY ROCK), The Groove Shop (LOVE YOU GUYS!!!), Jeff Tisman Photography (OMG with your teaser photos!!!), PF Films (Peter Ferreiro, your teaser video is a work of art!!!), A Touch of Elegance (Lisa, you BLEW us away!!!), & Paperworks & Events (Andrea and Alison, you ladies ROCK!!!). We had the very best team of vendors (truly the “dream team”) ever pull our vision, who worked closely with us throughout our planning process and completely hit it out of the park!!! Special thanks also to the Pleasantdale Chateau – particularly Laura Madden and Santiago whom we both can’t speak highly enough!!!

Love this one. I may even het one of these shirts. :)

One of the best "reveal's ever! Love the emotion in these.

Carla looking absolutely beautiful...

And Margaret equally as beautiful.

The next several images were of the two of them. They were both just so much fun to photograph.

Some of their closest amazing friends.

Jenny Orsini and her team from Jenny Orsini Events really went above and beyond on this one. I really don't have any words but "HOLY SHI*!!" :) Every which way I turned there was just amazing attention to every detail. One of the most beautiful weddings I've ever had the pleasure of capturing.

This was the runner from The Original Runner Company leading Margaret & Carla to each other.

Love this series. Just so much fun!

And of course I always come prepared with my back-up shooters only using the best smart phone technology out there...

You may now kiss the "bride". ;)

Look at this room designed by Jenny Orsini Events!!! AMAZING!!!!!

Cake created by Cakes by Stef.

The Card box holder.

Let the festivities begin!!!!

Margaret & dad.

Cala & dad's dance together.

Famous 70's icon France Joli performing at the After Party.

Small taste of the craziness that happened ALL NIGHT!!!

That's a garter Carla is throwing hence only guys below her. :)

Bad ass chicks!

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Reader Comments (2)

Dear Margaret & Dear Carla!

Thank you so very much for sharing this magical photo story, bringing back memories of your unforgettable dream-wedding!!! Reading your blog and viewing those absolutely fantastic images, I immersed myself once again in the fairy-tale I was very fortunate to be part of on September 22, 2013, a mesmerizing love-story indeed the beauty thereof still resonates with me, filling me with utmost joy.
May Songs of Happiness, the Wisdom of Mother Earth, and the Power of Divinity accompany you both; may you be guided and protected well by your guardian angel, on all your paths together, now and always! May the fire of your love always burn and illuminate your future!
Your Love will continue to give you the gift of strength and great joy! Being united in love is the answer to all questions.

“Do not seek the because - in love there is no because, no reason, no explanation, no solutions.”
― Anaïs Nin

In Love and Friendship - Elke _o_

November 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterElke HP Hannel

Jeff you were the perfect photographer for this magical wedding. I have never seen a more beautiful album or two more beautiful brides! Thank you for capturing the love, the laughter and the wedding of the year, so we can all relive and enjoy it forever!

To my beautiful daughter, Carla, and my beautiful new daughter-in-law Margaret, who has been family since we first met her, I want to steal a quote from my son Dustin's toast: may this day be the day you love each other the least.

I couldn't be more blessed! Love, Momma

November 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMomma

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