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Brooke & Drew/Jasna Polana Wedding Photographer

Jasna Polana, Princeton, NJ

When Adrienne and I arrived at Jasna the weather was looking a bit 'iffy' for Brooke and Drew's big day. Luckily while they were both preparing for their first reveal the sun poked out from the clouds. It was pretty amazing timing because almost to the minute we finished shooting it started raining again. All the away to the church entrance to the church exit. But by the time we got back to Jasna it stopped again. Want to give a huge thank you to Brooke & Drew's bridal party for braving the master tub in the master suite. Check it out below. It also won a Fearless Photographers award.I wonder if it's the first time 13 people were all in it at once. Great people, great location, great party make for great images!!! Thank you guys for an amazing time.

Here is the team Brooke and Drew put together for their day:

Band- Lost In Paris
Hair- Nuvo Beauty Lounge
Make-Up- Nicck Townsend via Mack Stylist
Videographer- McKenzie Miller Films
Floral, Decor, Linens, Fabric Draping- Janet's Weddings and Parties
Save the Dates, Invitations, Day of Printed Materials- LoveLeigh Invitations
Reception Lighting- Fennelli Design

Here is their story:

How We Met:
I'm sure a lot of couples meet at work. Drew and I are no different, in that yes, we met at work. However, the circumstances around our meeting are probably different than most couples. I was the HR person that interviewed Drew when he came in for an interview (granted I was just the first interviewer, not the decision-maker or his future boss). Drew got hired for the job, and being new to the NYC area (he's originally from Philadelphia, and yes we're a Devils fan and a Flyers fan under one roof) would frequently ask me about places to go for happy hour, and would ask me if I wanted to go with him. We eventually started dating and were able to put our differences in sports teams aside, and 3.5 years later we were engaged.

Our Engagement:
Throughout the time we dated we had gone to Atlantic City several times. We always had a great time when we went. One particular time we won a bunch of money at roulette, stayed an extra night and spoiled ourselves with massages at the Water Club the next day. The Water Club has a gorgeous spa on the top level of the hotel with panoramic views of the ocean. One day Drew had asked me a few weeks in advance to go to Atlantic City for the weekend. At first I didn't think this was anything out of the ordinary. Then I asked him if he wanted me to make dinner reservations (the planner in me), he kept insisting he make the plans. So I knew something was up and I thought...maybe an engagement? The weekend comes around and we arrive on a Friday night. We both exhausted from the work week so we have some dinner and drinks, hit the casino for a little and go to bed. The next morning while Drew was in the shower, I made a point to snoop around to see if I could find a ring. I couldn't find one. Then being somewhat pouty, we go downstairs for brunch and Drew mentions he'd been trying to get us massage appointments but that it was short notice so we'd have to go up to the spa and talk to them in person. Already a few Bloody Mary's into my day I keep questioning why this can't just be done over the phone. We get up to the spa and it turns out there was no availability for a massage (or so I thought) and we go back down to the room. Before I know it Drew is down on one knee with the ring. I come to find out he wanted to propose in the spa by the big glass windows overlooking the ocean, but he was weirded out by the amount of people in robes sitting in the area that he planned on proposing. Drew had also invited our immediate family and close friends to AC for the weekend, so after we had dinner with just the two of us he took me to one of the bars in the hotel where our friends and family were waiting to party until the early hours of the morning.

The Wedding:
We were married on September 13, 2014. Drew's parents were married in September and mine were married on the 13th of April. So we sort of combined their wedding dates to get our own. We had a traditional church wedding at the Church of the Sacred Heart in Trenton, NJ. Our reception was held at Jasna Polana in Princeton, NJ. It was so great to finally see how over a year of planning had come to life. We wanted our wedding to feel elegant but yet personal. There were napkins with fun facts about us, a pierogie station to pay tribute to my Polish heritage, and we had displayed photos of our parents and grand parents weddings in the cocktail hour space. It rained on our wedding day, but Jeff was still able to get great shots of us outdoors, we were even able to do our first look outside. To those on the fence about a first look- DO IT! It takes any nerves away, and you still get those butterflies when you walk down the aisle. Because we did the first look we were also able to get in extra shooting time with just us and Jeff. Also a word to any future Tisman couples out there-if Jeff suggests something that may seem a little wild...GO FOR IT! I cannot tell you how many compliments we've received on our photos, especially the one of all 13 of us in the bathtub in the Jasna bridal suite. The day was everything we could've hoped for and so much more, we were so thankful to be surrounded by such wonderful people who traveled near and far (special shout out to my Matron of Honor who traveled from Florida two weeks after giving birth to her first child) to celebrate with us.

Brooke & Andrew

Brookes shoes with some old world charm.

Loved this little flower girl. So much personality.

Brooks brides maids reaction to Drew letter to Brooke.

Right when we got this image it started pouring!! We were able to get off about four shots before we were all running for cover.

One of my ALL TIME favorite bridal party images. This one also won a Fearless Photographers award.

Did I mention how great these two are? Love when my couples can have some fun on their wedding day.

Dad giving Brooke a kiss just before they walked up the aisle together.

Wooo Hoo!! In the back of the church as their bridal party was about to greet them.

The rain was pouring down as we left the church. But Drew the gentleman that he is held the umbrella for Brooke the entire time. ;)

Loved the ceiling at Jasna.Cool way to incorporate it.

The beautiful entrance to the reception room.

Always time for a selfie.

Grand'ma dancin' the night away. :)

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