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Marisa & Brian/The Palace at Somerset Park

The Palace at Somerset Park, Somerset, NJ

Funny story about Marisa & Brian's wedding I remember most was getting a call from Marisa about two weeks before her day. I was booked for Saturday & Sunday of her weekend. When she told me the date I was a little hesitant because of having to do three weddings in a weekend. But during our conversation I asked her "why she didn't have a photographer yet"? Her answer. "I haven't found the right one". Well how could I say no to that? And the rest they say is history. They had a beautiful day for their wedding. They chose to have a first reveal and what a great reveal it was. Brian was super excited as you can tell from the images below. They had their ceremony outside on the balcony of the beautiful Somerset Palace. They then had a rocking party that included a dress change for Marisa. Thank guys for a great Summer evening.
And now Here is their story:

New York, NY – June 8, 2011 Caribbean International Fashion Week; it was 7:00pm and the “Arena” had a full house. The energy was high and you could feel the electricity flowing through the air. The buildup for the show was nothing short of exciting but perhaps cupid was about to make a grand entrance.
Fast forward ahead it was now show time, lights, camera action! As Marisa graced the runway, Brian was lost in the moment and instantly there were only two people in the room. Marisa walking down the runway in slow motion and Brian was her greatest admirer and biggest fan. It was at that very moment, he heard a soft soothing voice, which he now knows was the voice of God; and He said “this is the woman you’re going to marry. You’re looking at your wife.” A mutual friend, Donn, who introduced the two the day before must have realized some supernatural force had overtaken Brian. Donn gave him a nudge. Brian looked over at his friend and saw that he was in utter laughter. It was suddenly apparent to them both; Brian was smitten for good.
Over the ensuing months an undeniable connection drew them into a friendship which eventually blossomed into an endless romance. They’d soon forget what life was like before meeting and hopelessly falling in love. The joy, passion and excitement they shared felt natural and destined to be. Marisa had been praying for God to send her a man who was charming, protective, and compassionate. One she could someday call her husband. She soon realized that Brian was the man she was waiting for all along. They dated for approximately two years and though the topic of marriage would come up from time to time Brian was able to pull off the surprise of a lifetime on March 21, 2014. On a surprisingly warm evening and with the sun setting over the beautiful New York skyline, the stage was set at the historic Eagle Rock Reservation, West Orange, New Jersey. It was at this otherwise unassuming place that Brian professed his unwavering love to Marisa on bended knee as he asked for her hand in marriage. In sheer surprise and with tears in her eyes Marisa happily said, “YES!”
One year and three months later, June 5, 2015, Brian and Marisa exchanged vows to seal their bond as husband and wife in an unforgettable ceremony before God, family and friends.
We were thrilled we had the privilege to work with Jeff. His high energy and creativity made our special day even more enjoyable and memorable. Jeff brilliantly captured our love behind the camera with stunning images we will cherish forever.

Marisa & Brian

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