Sara & Michael/ NYC Engagement Session


We had an amazing time walking around NYC finding different areas to shoot. We followed the light and it lead us to a beautiful sunset with Lady Liberty behind us. Here are just a few from this amazing session.


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Rachel & Greg E-Session/Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

Hudson Valley, New Paltz NY

We had a great time walking around the Hudson Valley amongst the fall foliage. And when the sun started setting it was magic! The light was incredible. Here are a few favorites. Really looking forward to the wedding next year guys.


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Brittany & Billy E-session/Princeton Wedding Photographer

Princeton University, Princeton NJ

Here are a few favorites from Brittany & Billies E Session in Princeton. We spent a couple of hours together walking the campus. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. Super fun day guys. Really looking forward to capturing your day.


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Jeff Featured in Professional Photographer Magazine

I have been reading Professional Photographer magazine for as long as I can remember. On the day I received the e mail from the editor I first thought it was a joke a friend was playing on me. I thought to myself "who would want to do a story on me"? So I called the editor and she said it was no joke. They had seen some of my images and would love to interview me for a feature in their magazine. This was truly an honor because as I stated above for years I've read about other photographers and how they got to where they are now. And now my story was going to be told. It really is exciting and humbling to think I can inspire a new generation of photographers. But all this would not be possible without my couples. Week after week I capture someone's 'big day'. People often ask "do I enjoy it still"? I reply "I don't enjoy it. I love it". Honestly. I attend a party every weekend. Sure there are stressful moments. But what in life isn't stressful? But it all comes back to my amazing couples. You all allow me to enjoy myself and laugh along with you and all your families. So I thank you all. I look forward to capturing many more wedding's and capturing your families as you grow together.


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Grace & Charlie/Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

Here are some favorite's from an E Session with Grace and Charlie. They made the trek up to the mountains of the Hudson Valley in NY state. They brought their southern hospitality charm with them as they live in Virginia. So excited for their wedding next year at Pippin Hill Farm. It's listed as one of the top fifty romantic wedding venues in the entire U.S.A.!! Thank you both for coming up to the mountains and hiking around for the afternoon. I'm really looking forward to seeing you both again next year.


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