Tiffany & Doug/ Madison Hotel Wedding Photographer

Madison Hotel, Morristown, NJ

Tiffany & Doug's wedding had everything a bride wants. Snow, freezing temperatures and oh yeah a venue change due to the first one not being ready. Of course I'm joking. But Tiffany & Doug never flinched. They had a great day with friends and family all tucked away nice and cozy at the Madison. Yes we had a little change of plan due to the weather. But being such an awesome couple they went with the flow again and it worked out perfect.
It's also a pleasure when I get to capture not one but two sisters who get married within five months of each other. I photographed Tiffany's sister Heather's wedding back in October. It really is an honor to be able to capture these memories for a family I almost feel I'm part of the family. :)

Here are some of Tiffany & Doug's favorite vendors from the day (thank you to ALL): and their story:

Edie Leibman (wedding planner) at LPC Consulting, LLC
Peter at PF films
Karen at Magnolia exquisite florals and event décor
Reverend John Graf, Jr.
Makeup by Michele Wilderman
Hair by Connie Beavers & Dayna Goldstein
Music by Craig Scott Entertainment
Venue – The Madison Hotel in Morristown, NJ

Our story starts almost four years ago during the October/November timeframe. It’s one I will not publicly share but many of our family members and friends saw a connection before we were even aware of it. Our relationship started as a friendship which then blossomed into something much deeper and stronger. For me, Doug was my best friend and someone I had confided in for almost anything and everything. He was also the most FUN person I’ve ever met (besides myself). We spent every waking minute together and before I knew it (less than one month into it) I was slowly moving my things into his bachelor pad and given a key. We started officially dating and building a home together which now includes 7 furry kids (3 dogs and 4 cats – all rescues). What can I say – we didn’t waste any time because we both knew it’s what we wanted. In a short matter of time, we had been challenged with more than a couple will experience in a lifetime. Despite how hard the times, we grew closer together and in love. Doug quickly became my rock, life partner, best friend in the whole world AND soul mate. I instantly knew he would be the person I was going to grow old with. He saved me and for that I’m forever grateful.
Doug proposed in 2013 around Christmas time in Peddlers Village – he did it in the light up tunnel in public which took me by total surprise since he’s more of a private person. I said YES and was surprised by family members at dinner after the fact. We then started planning our wedding instantly and booked the Madison Hotel in early February (Valentine’s Day weekend). Before we knew it, it was time to say I do. We were “blessed” with a snowstorm on our wedding day but it was absolutely beautiful. I would like to add that it snowed on my shower day, wedding day and the day we left for our honeymoon. I guess you can say the snow was somewhat of a good luck charm Our wedding day was perfect. Our favorite part was all the love from family and friends surrounding us on our joyous day. It was honestly breathtaking and means the world to us both. We also had a kick ass wedding party (26 people may I add). To Doug – I’m so HAPPY to call you my husband. Life with you is truly a fairy tale and I love you with all my heart and soul. “If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you.” –Winnie the Pooh

TO JEFF: THANK YOU for being so wonderful – words cannot describe how thankful we both are. Not only do you capture the most memorable and amazing shots but you’re a joy to work with. You pushed us to the limit especially in the freezing SNOW and I’m so glad we followed your lead. You gave us such gorgeous photos that will forever mean the world to us. I will never forget the many times you asked me to laugh to make the picture that much more memorable You also nailed it with the biggest wedding party of all time – no problem for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! To all the brides out there, Jeff Tisman is the #1 wedding photographer!
With love,
Tiffany & Doug

Very cool robes Tiffany gave as a gift to all of her girls.

With her HUGE bridal party Tiffany chose to get in her dress with just her sister and mom.

Love this image of Tiff. So simple and beautiful.

One of my favorite detail shots ever. Great advice for everyone especially on their wedding day.

Captured by Dan.

HA!!! Sometime images just happen. This is what I love about looking for new images in venues I've shot at before. I've been to the Madison countless times and this is the first time ever shooting in this spot. I always tell my couples there are no formulas. I don't do the same thing at every wedding and this is why. LOve finding new ideas.

I have to admit I was a 'little' concerned about this large of a bridal party and being confined to the inside but I think I nailed it! :) And thank you to all of Tiffany & Doug's bridal party for being so awesome and going along with the shot!! Sometimes in large bridal parties there is usually one or two that cause 'trouble'. Not these guys. Great people!!

Nice moment between Tiffany and dad just before he was giving his second daughter away.

The beautiful atrium at the Madison Hotel.

Tiffany & Doug had a special video memorial to Doug's mom who had passed away. This was a nice moment with Doug's dad and sister.

Love the chaos in this one. There's so much going on.

Want to give Tiffany props (and Doug) for going out in the snow again to get this image. We had all ready did some outside snow shots. I did the same composition with Doug and his guys and really wanted it with Tiffany and Doug. I asked and she said yes. For other photographer friends out there. Always ask your couple if you see something great. It's always worth it!!

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Brogan & Marc/ Gotham Hall Wedding Photography, NYC

Gotham Hall, NYC

Some people don't like winter weddings. I love them! Brogan & Marc had a brisk cold day for their wedding. Snow was on the ground. It was beautiful. We met at Langham Place. A great hotel on Fifth Ave. After their reveal we headed up to Central Park for some images in the park. We them met the rest of the bridal party and family back at Gotham Hall.
Gotham Hall was one of the most beautiful venues I've ever had the pleasure of shooting in. They had their ceremony in the round surrounded by friends and family. They then danced the night away by an amazing band. I also had a perfect team with Drew Noel covering the guys and Peter and his crew from PF Films covering the video. And a shout out to Dan for being a great assistant. (how's that Dan? :)

Their story is coming:

Love this detail of Brogan's ring.

Got it just as it was about to pop. :)

Different view showing the craziness of Brogan getting ready while her bridal party gets ready in the next room.

Both Brogan's mom and Marc's mom helping Brogan getting into her dress.

Brogan made my job extremely easy.

The next several images with the guys were covered by Drew. He arrived earlier in the day and captured Marc and his buddies and then headed down to Wall Street for some great on street photographs.

This was Drew's favorite from the day.

Dad saving the day with some Burger King. Who even knew they still gave out those crowns? :)

Great image by Dan of friends and family getting a sneak peek of Brogan and Marc's first reveal.

As we were heading to Central Park I caught this detail of Brogan's "something blue" sewn into her dress.

Classic NYC. Central Park, snow and the greatest city in the world as the backdrop.

Outside of Gotham Hall.

Drew captured this moment between Brogan and her dad right before they were about to walk down the aisle together before he was letting his baby girl go. Just a beautiful moment.

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Kristiann & Nick/Weddings of Distinction Wedding Photography

Weddings of Distinction, The Ashford Estate

Kristiann and Nick flew in from Florida to have their wedding at The beautiful Ashford Estate. It was a perfect day. Kristiann and Nick were two of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Guess you call that "Southern Hospitality".
Everything took place att the estate which is always a plus. Also makes the day so great when I get to work with some of my favorite vendors. Kristiann and Nick assembled their perfect team of vendors which you can reference below.

Here is their story:

Many people know that Nick and I have known each other for a very long time. Our families were friends since we were young but we thought of each other very differently back then. He knew me as the girl who purposely stepped on his foot on vacation and I knew him as the boy who gave me a bloody nose because he dared me to hit a basketball with one of those 5-gallon water jugs as the bat. Needless to say, that basketball flew off the water jug into my nose and he was from that moment, on the boy that gave me a bloody nose. When Nick and I reached high school my family moved onto his street and at that time we really became best friends. He was always there to make me laugh and I was there to listen. We had the same group of friends who would constantly joke with us, telling us that we were going to get married. Nick and I always told them that we were just best friends, which was true until senior year of high school. Nick and I realized that we just had too much fun together and that we both wanted to be together. We dated all through college visiting each other whenever we could, which was very often. We would save up all the money we made on breaks to buy plane tickets to visit each other. After college we moved to Florida where I attended law school and Nick began his amazing career. I was always positive that in that moment nothing could be better; but Nick always found a way to prove me wrong.

After dating for 8 years Nick took me to the most amazing restaurant. A seafood restaurant, my FAVORITE!! It had been pouring rain all day so I was hesitant to get dressed up and go out, sweatpants sounded more my thing that night. However, the restaurant was downtown on the water and Nick promised the rain would stop. We got ready and left for dinner, the rain still had not stopped. After dinner, the rain stopped and Nick wanted to go for a walk to see this beautiful and gigantic fountain that was a famous part of downtown. It was so amazing and very romantic. With the fountain and the city lights all beautifully lit, he proposed and I SAID YESSS!! Immediately after it started pouring again. It was perfect and so special.

When Nick and I started looking at venues we knew it would be difficult because we wanted the venue to be elegant while also incorporating our country laid back style. We needed to be sure not go too honky tonk on our guests. When we drove down the long beautiful road to the Ashford Estate we were SOLD. We knew that it was perfect and so beautiful and rustic. After our first wish of booking the Ashford Estate came true, my second wish came true when Jeff Tisman agreed to shoot our wedding and engagement session. WOW did we make the best decision!!! Jeff took one of the most special days of our lives and captured EVERY moment of it. I know I am getting ahead of myself but Jeff is that amazing that he deserves shout outs all throughout this little write up.

Nick and I live in Florida so our wedding was somewhat of a destination wedding. All of the planning was done long distance. Initially I thought that this would be nearly impossible, but with an amazing fiancé, family, maid of honor, bridal party and all of the incredible vendors we choose, (who I will list at the bottom because they ROCK) it was easy and not nearly as stressful as I imagined. (Keeping in mind I had pneumonia for the last 3 months before our wedding). Our wedding was in October and the weather was beautiful but a bit windy. We did our first look with Jeff, which was a great decision. It was so intimate and exciting. We had so much fun with Jeff making us laugh while we tried to keep my long veil from pulling out of my hair as it blew everywhere with the wind. Luckily, I had an amazing beauty dream team who was there to fix me up after the wind restyled my hair and makeup. Jeannie Costanzo and Aura Flores did an amazing job on all of our hair and makeup. They are a great team and are two of the most kind and hard working people I have ever met.

Our ceremony was magical and having the amazing Bishop Lucey marry us made it an unforgettable experience. Jeff took amazing photos from every angle of the chapel. Both Jeff and our fantastic team of videographers from Cord3Films managed to capture Nick drop his lit candle while the chapel erupted in laughter.

The reception was more than Nick and I could ever have dreamt up. The flowers designed by Karen at Magnolia were breathtaking and ALL of the food prepared by Merri-Makers Catering tasted like heaven. Our friends and family danced all night long thanks to Band of Gold who did an amazing job keeping the dance floor packed from beginning to end. Nick and I laughed, danced and of course I cried thanks to those speeches. In the middle of the reception Jeff snuck Nick and I back into the chapel lit with candles to get some more amazing photos. OUR FAVORITES!!

It was such a special day and we are so thankful that we were able to share it with such wonderful family and friends. Thankfully because of Jeff, Nick and I will be able to relive that unforgettable day forever. Photos are special because they bring memories to life, but photos taken by Jeff Tisman not only bring memories to life but capture moments, angles and emotions that make all of his photos your absolute favorite. Our wedding was truly unforgettable in every way and we cannot thank our family (especially my mom and now husband who I drove crazy) and amazing vendors enough for making our wedding day magical!!

Kristiann & Nick

Photographer – Jeff Tisman :)

Venue – The Ashford Estate

Wedding Planner – Kathi Evans from All the Best Celebrations (I would have gone crazy without Kathi)

Videographer – Cord Three Films

Invitations & Stationary – Abbey Malcolm Press Design (Abbey is by far the most amazing, creative and wonderful designer. She worked countless hours with me long distance to come up with the most amazing invitations and stationary for our wedding).

Ceremony Music – Royal Strings

Makeup – Jeannie Costanzo

Hair – Aura Flores

Cake – The Bake Works

Catering – Merri-Makers Catering

Flowers – Magnolia Exquisite Florals and Event Décor

Kristiann opening her gift and sweet letter from Nick.

The girls helping Kristiann getting ready. Love this angle.

Beautiful moment between Kristiann and mom.

And dad's first reveal.

Kristiann looking beautiful on her day.

There are so many great spots at Ashford and the light falls differently all around.

The wind started picking up during this part of the shoot.

One of my signature images from Ashford.

Posting this one for a specific reason. I know some couples are hesitant about seeing each other because it will ruin "the moment" Kristiann and Nick saw each other and the emotion is still there. Nick was tearing up as he watched Kristiann walk up the aisle to him.

Love this image captured by Dan as Kristiann and dad make their entrance into the ceremony.

View of the ceremony outside the barn.

Magnolia Floral Design rocked the reception space.

First dance.

Some couples don't want to do the "traditional" things at their wedding but they are still fun and make for some great images.

Becoming one of my signature images here. :)

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Staci and Andrew/New York City,NY

New York City, NY

Here are some favorites of both Drew & I captured from an E Session we did together in NYC. We had Staci's sister Jamie provide us with the wheels to get around the city and stopping when ever and where ever we saw a cool shot. Drew would spot something he liked then I would do the same. It was really a lot of fun. We both love going into any situation like that because it keeps the images different and fresh. Of course it helps to have an awesome couple such as Staci and Andrew who were up for anything.
Both Drew and I were able to remain professional and rise above the fact that Andrew was a NY Ranger fan. (JK Andrew) We all had a great time which was a perfect warm up to their fall wedding. Be sure to be on the lookout for that on the blog soon) Here are some of our favorites.

One of the great things about shooting in NYC are the people. How can you not love the couple next to theses two? So classic!

This was a random wall Andrew spotted. When you read the reason behind it it's really pretty cool!
Andrew and I met on April 7th (4/7)...after a few weeks of dating I noticed that Andrew used the number 47 pretty frequently (sports jerseys, etc). He told me that the number 47 had been his "lucky" number since he was a little kid. Since we met on 4/7, the number 47 has become a lucky one for both of us...oh, and my parents anniversary is on April 7th, too :-)

I know the next two are similar but I loved the both equally. Great images by Drew and his infamous tilt shift lens. (This image was captured 'in camera' not through Photoshop) :)

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Jennifer & Brian/Cescaphe Event Group Photographer

Tendenza, Philadelphia, PA.

Jennifer & Brian had a great November day in Philadelphia for their wedding. We met at Hotel Monaco where both Jennifer & Brian were getting ready. Adrienne met up with Brian while I captured Jennifer and her friends. We arranged for their reveal across the street from the hotel. We then spent some time in the park and also got some amazing images in Hotel Monaco. One of the many reasons I always ask that the bride & groom see each other before the ceremony. WHy not take advantage of some of the surroundings around you on your day? THey got married in a beautiful church in the city. It was then off for more spots around Philadelphia and then to Tendenza for an amazing party. I want to give a big 'thank you' for Adrienne for capturing so many great moments on the day including Brian's portraits.
And now, here is their story…

What a way to end our year.
Our story began in college at Temple University, Philadelphia. Jen worked in the gym and studied and Brian was working out and checking her out. Jen moved on to another campus, they kept in touch, Jen taking his kickboxing classes and occasionally getting together. Years later Brian said he would hook Jen up with a friend, Yet showed up that was the beginning of forever. 6 years in He finally proposed, taking Jen away for a surprise trip to South Beach Miami, and getting down on his knee at the sexiest lounge and hotel, The Setai, under the stars. Of course she said yes & planning began. As soon as we saw Tendenza we knew that was our venue, soooo us! We just had to pick a date and even two years out they were limited. So, we picked one of the only days available which was also Jen's beloved brother Timmy and Grandfather's birthdays, who had both passed away> what a way to celebrate new life and love and have my guys with me too. We were then blessed in so many ways. Brian was in a near fatal car accident in April and the focus was no longer the wedding, but his recovery. With tons of love, support and prayers, we didnt even have to change our special date. We are so grateful to be here, together, to have health, love, and our family and friends. We got married in the beautiful St John the Baptist church in Manayunk, PA on a gorgeous spring day in November! After much thought, we decided to do a reveal session which was the best idea... thanks to Jeff!! We got a first look and some amazing alone time with Jeff and Adrienne at Indpendence Park across from the fabulous Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia. It was so nice to be alone in our Joy, while my girls and mom watched from the hotel window while getting ready. Everyone looked so gorgeous thanks to Aja Barton from Cheekadee Makeup artists and Angela McAleer, Jen's hair stylist and friend from La Mirage Salon. And although we kept them waiting, at the church for an extra 45 minutes, oops, It wasnt jen's fault for a change and Brian had no doubt she would show up. It was a beautiful ceremony thanks to Deacon Matt. Although Brian couldnt get his ring on, we were married!!! What a gorgeous day, we stopped at the park at Franklin Square and got some amazing colorful photos and then Jeff was laying in the street to get the City View shot! I was worried Brian would break his back or Jeff would get hit, but the pics are incredible!!! Our reception began with an awesome cocktail hr and a half followed by non stop dancing and good laughs. We had so much fun and didnt have to worry about a thing with all the help from the Cescaphe event group at Tendenza. Our flowers were eye popping but provided ambiance too, done by Shannon Chase Floral designer from the Rhoads Garden. Everything was perfect from the weather to the signature cocktail and dessert, to the 300 apps, and the stunning and delish cake. Everyone that participated outdid themselves, especially our friends and family for adding all the special touches. We couldnt have asked for a more perfect way to end our year. WE all danced the night away, thanks to the great mix of tunes provided by DJ Dan Breslin from Silversound productions. It truly was the the perfect day and everything we had wished for. Thanks so much to Jeff and Adrienne for being so creative and ballsy! We had so much fun and they made it feel so easy to be yourself and feel good too. We can't thank them enough for capturing the best shots from the happiest day of our lives. Im pretty sure no one takes shots like you do and we will treasure the pics forever!!!! AMAZING!!!! Love you guys!

Jennifer & Brian

Some of the details from the day. Jenn had a special locket with a photo of both her brother and her dad.

Nice moment between Jenn & mom.


Let the party begin. :)

Love this capture by Adrienne of Brian getting ready.

Their first reveal. Great expressions.

Jennifer looked beautiful and was all smiles all day.

Love finding light and shadows. This is literally the entrance to the hotel. We held people from entering and exiting the hotel to get the shot. Hey, whatever it takes. :)

My favorite image of the day. This was captured right outside the church. While the receiving line was going on it gave me a few minutes to walk around and find some locations. It was just an overpass on the road. Sometime the simplest things can make unique images.

Jennifer and her beautiful friends.

Brian and his boys rocking' the wall.

Classic downtown Philly shot!

Great capture by Adrienne of Jenn walking in with her two brothers.

One of Jenn's bridesmaids had a beautiful voice and made the ceremony even more special.


The beautiful Tendenza and a few of the table details.

Some fun on the floor.

First dance.

Jenn and her mom had a great dance together complete with a dip that took her mom by surprise. :)

Love fall skies.

Ok... Now here's the craziest photo from the day. As my assistant Adrienne and I were testing for a shot we checked out the lighting on the back of the camera when we noticed something strange in the lower right of the frame. I don't recall someone walking through the shot and Adrienne is obviously behind the door. When we zoomed in this is what we saw. Creepy is an understatement.

Here's a closeup. What do you think??

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