Jennifer & Brian/Cescaphe Event Group Photographer

Tendenza, Philadelphia, PA.

Jennifer & Brian had a great November day in Philadelphia for their wedding. We met at Hotel Monaco where both Jennifer & Brian were getting ready. Adrienne met up with Brian while I captured Jennifer and her friends. We arranged for their reveal across the street from the hotel. We then spent some time in the park and also got some amazing images in Hotel Monaco. One of the many reasons I always ask that the bride & groom see each other before the ceremony. WHy not take advantage of some of the surroundings around you on your day? THey got married in a beautiful church in the city. It was then off for more spots around Philadelphia and then to Tendenza for an amazing party. I want to give a big 'thank you' for Adrienne for capturing so many great moments on the day including Brian's portraits.
And now, here is their story…

What a way to end our year.
Our story began in college at Temple University, Philadelphia. Jen worked in the gym and studied and Brian was working out and checking her out. Jen moved on to another campus, they kept in touch, Jen taking his kickboxing classes and occasionally getting together. Years later Brian said he would hook Jen up with a friend, Yet showed up that was the beginning of forever. 6 years in He finally proposed, taking Jen away for a surprise trip to South Beach Miami, and getting down on his knee at the sexiest lounge and hotel, The Setai, under the stars. Of course she said yes & planning began. As soon as we saw Tendenza we knew that was our venue, soooo us! We just had to pick a date and even two years out they were limited. So, we picked one of the only days available which was also Jen's beloved brother Timmy and Grandfather's birthdays, who had both passed away> what a way to celebrate new life and love and have my guys with me too. We were then blessed in so many ways. Brian was in a near fatal car accident in April and the focus was no longer the wedding, but his recovery. With tons of love, support and prayers, we didnt even have to change our special date. We are so grateful to be here, together, to have health, love, and our family and friends. We got married in the beautiful St John the Baptist church in Manayunk, PA on a gorgeous spring day in November! After much thought, we decided to do a reveal session which was the best idea... thanks to Jeff!! We got a first look and some amazing alone time with Jeff and Adrienne at Indpendence Park across from the fabulous Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia. It was so nice to be alone in our Joy, while my girls and mom watched from the hotel window while getting ready. Everyone looked so gorgeous thanks to Aja Barton from Cheekadee Makeup artists and Angela McAleer, Jen's hair stylist and friend from La Mirage Salon. And although we kept them waiting, at the church for an extra 45 minutes, oops, It wasnt jen's fault for a change and Brian had no doubt she would show up. It was a beautiful ceremony thanks to Deacon Matt. Although Brian couldnt get his ring on, we were married!!! What a gorgeous day, we stopped at the park at Franklin Square and got some amazing colorful photos and then Jeff was laying in the street to get the City View shot! I was worried Brian would break his back or Jeff would get hit, but the pics are incredible!!! Our reception began with an awesome cocktail hr and a half followed by non stop dancing and good laughs. We had so much fun and didnt have to worry about a thing with all the help from the Cescaphe event group at Tendenza. Our flowers were eye popping but provided ambiance too, done by Shannon Chase Floral designer from the Rhoads Garden. Everything was perfect from the weather to the signature cocktail and dessert, to the 300 apps, and the stunning and delish cake. Everyone that participated outdid themselves, especially our friends and family for adding all the special touches. We couldnt have asked for a more perfect way to end our year. WE all danced the night away, thanks to the great mix of tunes provided by DJ Dan Breslin from Silversound productions. It truly was the the perfect day and everything we had wished for. Thanks so much to Jeff and Adrienne for being so creative and ballsy! We had so much fun and they made it feel so easy to be yourself and feel good too. We can't thank them enough for capturing the best shots from the happiest day of our lives. Im pretty sure no one takes shots like you do and we will treasure the pics forever!!!! AMAZING!!!! Love you guys!

Jennifer & Brian

Some of the details from the day. Jenn had a special locket with a photo of both her brother and her dad.

Nice moment between Jenn & mom.


Let the party begin. :)

Love this capture by Adrienne of Brian getting ready.

Their first reveal. Great expressions.

Jennifer looked beautiful and was all smiles all day.

Love finding light and shadows. This is literally the entrance to the hotel. We held people from entering and exiting the hotel to get the shot. Hey, whatever it takes. :)

My favorite image of the day. This was captured right outside the church. While the receiving line was going on it gave me a few minutes to walk around and find some locations. It was just an overpass on the road. Sometime the simplest things can make unique images.

Jennifer and her beautiful friends.

Brian and his boys rocking' the wall.

Classic downtown Philly shot!

Great capture by Adrienne of Jenn walking in with her two brothers.

One of Jenn's bridesmaids had a beautiful voice and made the ceremony even more special.


The beautiful Tendenza and a few of the table details.

Some fun on the floor.

First dance.

Jenn and her mom had a great dance together complete with a dip that took her mom by surprise. :)

Love fall skies.

Ok... Now here's the craziest photo from the day. As my assistant Adrienne and I were testing for a shot we checked out the lighting on the back of the camera when we noticed something strange in the lower right of the frame. I don't recall someone walking through the shot and Adrienne is obviously behind the door. When we zoomed in this is what we saw. Creepy is an understatement.

Here's a closeup. What do you think??

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Delanie & Rob/ The Ryland Inn

The Ryland Inn, Whitehouse Station, NJ

"We are Penn State!! We are Penn State!!" No I didn't go to Penn State but I sure wish I did because it seems like it certainly was a party school!!! And I happen to still be chanting this as I go through the day. WOW!! What a party!!! Delanie and Rob had some pitfalls in the planning of their wedding but in the end it was one hell of a day. Everything took place at the beautiful Ryland Inn. Although there was still construction going on everything was beautiful and went off perfect. Delanie & Rob both got ready on ground and we captured all of their pics there as well. They had a beautiful day although unusually warm for October for their outdoor ceremony. Then the madness began. And I mean that in the most amazing, craziest good way. The dancing and celebrating didn't end all night. So much fun. Weddings like this make me love what I do even more. Now if I only studied harder in school I too would be chanting "We are Penn State"!! :)

Want to give a special thank you to Amanda at Twisted Willow Flowers and Danielle Gomez at The Ryland Inn for letting me do what I do.

And now here is their story:

Delanie and Rob met the very first day of college at Penn State University. Delanie’s parents waved goodbye after moving her into her dorm and Rob was waiting for a friend on the ground floor of her building. He volunteered to help set up her cable (which he had no idea how to do) and a week later asked if he could kiss her in an elevator. They spent the best four years of their lives together at Penn State before both moving home after graduation. Rob lived on Long Island and Delanie in New Jersey, so they did their best to see each other between his accounting busy season and her going to nursing school.

Before they knew it, it was December 28th, 2012. Every year Delanie’s family goes up to Vermont for the holidays and for the first time in the six years they had been together, Rob was able to go. In the light of doing something different, the family set up an evening dog sled ride (or so Delanie thought). When seven year old Lily was suddenly not coming, even though this adventure was apparently planned for her, everyone else was showered and dressed for the runway. One would think that a red flag would go up – but no. There were thirty huskies itching to play when they arrived at the house. Delanie and Rob were going on the first ride. The guide explained they would go up the mountain to a little hunter’s cabin where they would stop to give the dogs a break and get out to stretch. Once again, this probably should have been another red flag since these dogs can run for days and would not normally need a break after 45 minutes – but again no flags. The sun was setting and the full moon was rising through the woods as they climbed up the mountain bundled in the sled. When they got to the cabin the guide said to hang out for a few minutes and he was going to “take a lap.” Delanie invited him in with them to warm up but he insisted on staying with the dogs. The one wall of the cabin was a full window looking out at the mountain in the distance. Rob started pacing the cabin, blowing in his bare hands talking about how cold they were to which Delanie made some smart comment about putting his gloves back on (again no flags). Before Delanie knew it, Rob had grabbed her so she would pay attention and then he was down on one knee. It was perfect, other than the only thing Delanie could get out was “are you sure?” He was sure. There was a hidden bottle of champagne to celebrate alone before heading back down to her family.

When they got back to the house, everyone felt the need to get out and look at the new gate, even though it was dark and Delanie was doing the pee-dance in the back of the car from drinking too much champagne. Finally, everyone got back in and they started heading up the driveway until we made another stop because “there were lights moving around the backyard.” FINALLY, we got up to the house and off went the fireworks. There has never been a more perfect proposal in the history of proposals.

The wedding planning begun immediately and everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Yes everyone says that wedding planning is a nightmare but when your dress has been discontinued, the person making your invitations runs off, you end up with 1,500 golf pencils with the wrong date, your venue’s renovations will not be finished in time and your florist cancels six weeks before your wedding; it gets a little excessive. Every one of those things not working out was a blessing. The Bee’s Knees Custom Design made invitations that were out of this world, the Ryland Inn provided a beautiful tent that we could make “our own” and Jeff Tisman connected us with Twisted Willow Flowers that created the most beautiful arrangements that anyone has ever seen. Add music from Barattini Productions, phenomenal food, and a kickass guest list and you have summed up our wedding. It began with a bang as the bridal party came out to “Zombie Nation” and the guests chanted for Penn State. It continued with the groom playing the drums, the showing of the Palermo’s Bakery groom’s cake that looked like a bottle of Jameson and the bride doing jump chugs in her gown. It does not get any better than that. Jeff Tisman Photography was able to capture every minute even the ones that no one else noticed. The hard part now is picking our favorite pictures from the 900 that we narrowed it down to since Jeff makes things look beautiful that normally you would not take a second glance at. In a nutshell, that is our Penn State love story to date !!

Here are some of their favorite vendors:

Venue - The Ryland Inn
Flowers - Twisted Willow
Photographer - Jeff Tisman
Invitations - the bee's knees custom design
Cake - Palermo ' s bakery
Music - Barattini Productions
Hair - Carol Genna
Makeup - Nicole Genna
Stationary design - Lauren Gonser

Delanie getting ready for the day.

The flower girls kept themselves occupied as well. :)

Adrienne caught the fun with Rob & his friends as they were getting ready.

You know your in for a good time when your shotgunning some beer first thing in the morning.

Delanie's sisters helping her get around the grounds.

Delanie looked absolutely beautiful on her day.

Love this one.

The Ryland Inn had great grounds for images. From woods, corn fields, to old weathered barns as you can see in the next several images.

Advantage of doing all the pics before the ceremony is some down time for drinks and fun before the ceremony.

Love this image. As Delanie was walking down the aisle I caught the reflection in a photo inside.

The grounds outside Ryland Inn.

A few details of the day. Yes that is a Jameson's cake Delaine surprised Rob with. It really looked incredible.

A little tast of the fun on the dance floor.

Their first dance.

"Hands, touching hands…Sweet Caroline,bah,bah,bah" HA!! Classic. Delanie & Rob are in their somewhere.

"We are Penn State!!"

The rain held out for the day and started coming down at the end of the night. Always makes a great image.

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Heather & Stephen - The Ashford Estate,NJ

The Ashford Estate, Allentown, NJ

Another great couple at one of the nicest venues in New Jersey. Heather & Stephen had an unusually warm day in October. Almost 85 degrees!! Felt more like Summer than fall but it was all good times. We started the day at Heather's parents home where the girls were getting ready. Stephen met us there for the reveal which was great. We spent a few minutes at a farm with some of Heather's horse friends before heading out to The Ashford Estate. They chose to do all their portraits before the ceremony which I always strongly recommend. We finished with plenty of time for them to have a break before the ceremony. From there it was a great night of dancing and partying. I also want to thank my good friend and amazing cinematographer Peter at PF Films. One of my favorites to work with and the importance of being a team! Working together for the bride and groom. And also it was my first time working with Soroya and her team at The Finishing Touch Events. They were true professionals and also a pleasure to work with. And of course the amazing staff at The Ashford Estate and Merri Makers Catering. Thank you all for allowing me to do what it is I need to do to get the shot!

Here are some of Heather & Stephen's favorite vendors from the day:

Peter at Pf films
Karen at Magnolia exquisite florals and event decor

Stephanie, jennifer and soroya at The finishing touch
Laura at Merri makers
Anne at Raleigh cake pops
The bake works
Fenneli lighting

Makeup by Michele Wilderman
Hair by Dayna Goldstein, Connie Beavers

Here is their story. Sit back and enjoy!!

Stephen’s recollection of the night that changed his life:

For years, I asked my friend, Tiffany, to set me up on a date with her little sister. Tiffany and I went to school together and had been friends since we were around 15 years old but never close enough that I made acquaintance with her family. Every now and then she would invite her younger sister to come out places and each time I would ask, unsuccessfully, for an introduction or for her to set us up on a date.
"She has a boyfriend. Forget about it," she would tell me each time.
I learned that her sister’s name was Heather and that she was a college student. Eventually I also learned, to my delight, that she was not so enthusiastic about her boyfriend.
One night I went to an informal party at an old friend’s house. This friend had recently started dating Tiffany and the party was for her. As usual, I asked her to set me up with her sister but this time she said yes! She told me that the following night they would all be going out to dinner, including Heather, and that I should come.
Now, I've already told you that Heather had a boyfriend but I was also seeing a girl. I can't recall what I had planned with this other girl but I certainly wasn't missing a birthday dinner with my real crush for it. So, that was that. I called her up and cancelled and the next day I'd be out and have a chance at Heather.
It wound up being somewhat of a late night and the next morning I woke up feeling like absolute garbage. Tiffany came and picked me up along with a few others. We then went to her childhood home to get Heather, who was home from college for the weekend.
I'll never forget how great she looked getting into the car. She started talking about how hung over she was also and told me I smelled like alcohol and that it was making her nauseous. Not the best start but I continued wooing her with my irresistible charm and soon after had her feeding me sushi from across the table. We hit it off famously at dinner and by the time we got to the bar a few blocks away I had pretty much forgotten about Tiffany, her birthday, and any memory of that girl I was supposed to be on a date with.
Heather and I had so much fun we decided to get out of there. My memory is a little fuzzy but I think I got a kiss in the cab on the way home.
The next day I texted, “I love you" and a couple days later we both officially broke it off with our significant others. Seven months later I proposed, she said yes and here we are, living happily ever after.

Heather’s version of how they met/the rest:

The night I met (fell in love) with Stephen was the night before my sister’s birthday, April 30th 2011. My sister and her boyfriend planned to pick me up on the way. As I opened up the car door, I was mesmerized by this handsome man. I was also furious that I was given no warning and dressed like I was going to a funeral. At dinner I think I awkwardly stared at him and tried my best to be witty and fun. Thankfully, by the time we got to the bar, I started to warm up. Our conversations came naturally and so did our doing monologues from Scar Face, Gladiator and Any Given Sunday. I really don’t think I ever laughed so hard with someone in such a short amount of time. The memories blur out from there, but I recall our first kiss in the cab ride home. The next day I received a text from a strange number saying “I love you” and I replied “Your hair is phenom.”- The rest is history.

He proposed to me seven months later at the Christmas tree in Rockefeller plaza and we booked our wedding at the beautiful Ashford Estate about two years out. The time since then has flown by, but did nothing except reassure us that spending our lives together was the right decision.

Our wedding day was perfect. If you asked Stephen his favorite memory, he would say the reveal. For me, the best part of the day was every moment we could step back and take in all the love we have for each other and for all of our wonderful family & friends as well. It was complete bliss.


THANK YOU. You captured such special moments, although you were working with people who have severe modeling issues. Don’t worry we’ll keep our day jobs- and so should you! You are amazing to work with and we feel so honored that you photographed our wedding day. You gave us such beautiful photos that will always have a special place in our hearts and there are no words that can ever thank you enough for that.

Heather & Stephen

Heather & her sister Tiffany who's wedding I am looking forward to capturing in February of this year!

Love this image.

Great image captured by my assistant Dan.

Their first reveal. Gotta' love Steve's reaction as well as Heather's!! :)

Heather looking absolutely beautiful.

The next several images were captured around the grounds at The Ashford Estate. I could shoot here for hours!!

HA HA!!!! Love this sequence.

Great angle captured by Dan.

Their first dance surrounded by friends and family.

A great time was had by all!!

One of my favorite images from 2013!!

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Margaret & Carla/Pleasantdale Chateau

WOW!! That's all I have to say about the celebration of Margaret & Carla. Right when we arrived we were welcomed with open arms. It was full steam ahead right from the get go. Jenny of Jenny Orsini Events went above and beyond with the details. Really incredible design by herself and her brilliant team. There was so much going on hopefully you'll get a small taste of it all with the photos posted. Some of the amazing team assembled by Jenny, Margaret & Carla include
A Touch of Elegance on florals and lighting
Groove shop : music
Special guests Lime and France Joli
Stationery: Paper works and events
Cakes by Stef: wedding cake
For the modern bride: card box
Video: Peter Ferriero
Tony Santana on cigars
Laura madden and staff at Pleasantdale
Makeup by Tammy Boesch
Paula Kares hairstylist
Runner by The Original Runner Company

And most important to me was my amazing team of my assistant Dan and Adrienne Irizarry second shooting for me.She helped me capture one amazing day. Together the three of us rocked!! Thank you guys. And of course working along with my friend and favorite cinematographer Peter Ferriero of PF Films is always a pleasure. One of the best out there.

Here is Margaret and Carla's story...

Carla and Margaret met several years ago through mutual friends and it was literally an “electrifying”, mutual feeling at first sight! The kind of feeling people only describe in the movies. Really. Due to a thousand mile apart distance at the time and other factors, it wasn’t the right time when we initially met. It’s ironic however, that we both met an airport (Carla is a commercial pilot – yes, very way cool and beyond sexy!)
While keeping in touch, Carla’s aviation career eventually took her to the tri state NYC metro area YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Long story short, our story is one of many hurdles; one of real love, patience, and sacrifice in every good sense of the word. It is one of deep commitment after many years of an unknown since we were so far apart (distance wise). We had and continue to build on a feeling of a complete deep connection, mutual respect, unbelievable admiration for one another, and a commitment to surpassing whatever hurdles come our way. No, it was not easy, but nothing that is worth it is.
On a beautiful night in the Western Caribbean, Margaret popped the question and asked Carla to be her wife!
While we had been engaged for several years, we came back from our 2013 Christmas holiday out West and decided this was OUR year. What were we waiting for? We both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Landing in Newark on New Years’ Eve, 2013, Margaret called her maid of honor, her sister, and said “this is it, please help us start researching venues.” Immediately, Margaret’s sister came up with a top three list knowing Margaret and Carla’s criteria – a venue that only holds one event at a time and one that is utterly elegant. We chose the Pleasantdale Chateau because no other venue provides what they do – it is a truly unbelievably gorgeous venue, holds only one event at a time, provides a truly gastronomical experience, and its service only truly be described in a fairy tale. It’s that’s simple. The minute we walked into the Pleasantdale and had a chance to meet the staff and tour it, we knew this was the place where we would share the most important day of our lives together, not only with each other, but with our family and friends.
Our Wedding
What can we say? It’s still all a blur to some extent. We had our families fly in from Italy, England, Canada, friends from Holland and others from 15 states fly in! The love and support from our family and friends was just incredible! We are just back from our honeymoon and are still trying to recount the moments. It was sooooooo gorgeous, so elegant, but MOST importantly, it was a BLAST!!!! We’re both HUGE music hounds! While having the honor of having the “Groove Shop” perform (soooo soooo incredible beyond words – thankyou Addie Silver – we love you!), we also surprised our guests with two special performers throughout the night. While we both love all types of music, Margaret is a HUGE classic disco buff, - the type of music you would only hear back in the infamous Studio ’54 days in NYC. With the help of her good friend and amazing DJ Alex Garcia who spun a crazy after party, she had LIME and the Canadian sensation France Joli perform as surprises for her guests whom both completely brought down the house!!!!
The entire night just ROCKED! Carla is also a highly accomplished musician and surprised Margaret at the reception by playing bass with the Groove Shop to “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk! How cool is that? A beautiful bride in a couture wedding dress rocking out on bass at our wedding. EPIC & AWESOME!!!
From the minute we walked into the reception, to the end of the after party, (which ended after midnight by the way with a 4pm start), the dance floor was just packed and that’s exactly what we wanted ALL NIGHT! If we had to repeat it, our wedding day would never be the same. Our day was just THAT special and the energy cannot be described from the minute we arrived to the minute we left the Pleasantdale the next morning! Our wedding was truly priceless and unforgettable in every way! It completely ROCKED!!
One last note, we could not have pulled off the incredibly magical day we had if it were not for our 
“dream team” – Jenny Orsini Events (YOU COMPLETELY ROCK), The Groove Shop (LOVE YOU GUYS!!!), Jeff Tisman Photography (OMG with your teaser photos!!!), PF Films (Peter Ferreiro, your teaser video is a work of art!!!), A Touch of Elegance (Lisa, you BLEW us away!!!), & Paperworks & Events (Andrea and Alison, you ladies ROCK!!!). We had the very best team of vendors (truly the “dream team”) ever pull our vision, who worked closely with us throughout our planning process and completely hit it out of the park!!! Special thanks also to the Pleasantdale Chateau – particularly Laura Madden and Santiago whom we both can’t speak highly enough!!!

Love this one. I may even het one of these shirts. :)

One of the best "reveal's ever! Love the emotion in these.

Carla looking absolutely beautiful...

And Margaret equally as beautiful.

The next several images were of the two of them. They were both just so much fun to photograph.

Some of their closest amazing friends.

Jenny Orsini and her team from Jenny Orsini Events really went above and beyond on this one. I really don't have any words but "HOLY SHI*!!" :) Every which way I turned there was just amazing attention to every detail. One of the most beautiful weddings I've ever had the pleasure of capturing.

This was the runner from The Original Runner Company leading Margaret & Carla to each other.

Love this series. Just so much fun!

And of course I always come prepared with my back-up shooters only using the best smart phone technology out there...

You may now kiss the "bride". ;)

Look at this room designed by Jenny Orsini Events!!! AMAZING!!!!!

Cake created by Cakes by Stef.

The Card box holder.

Let the festivities begin!!!!

Margaret & dad.

Cala & dad's dance together.

Famous 70's icon France Joli performing at the After Party.

Small taste of the craziness that happened ALL NIGHT!!!

That's a garter Carla is throwing hence only guys below her. :)

Bad ass chicks!

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Denise & Steven/Renault Winery

Renault Winery, Egg Harbor City, NJ

Denise & Steven had their wedding at Renault Winery in South Jersey. It had beautiful grounds to get a wide variety of images. Guess it's safe to assume their will be plenty of drinking and good times when the main drink is wine. :) We did all our pics before the ceremony so Denise & Steve enjoyed the entire day & evening with their close friends and family.

Here is their story:

The first time we visited Renault Winery was for one of our first Valentine’s Days as a couple. We fell in love with the place immediately and knew we’d be back again. After a few more romantic weekends at Renault, we returned again for a longer getaway over Labor Day weekend. After a relaxing day by the pool and an extraordinary dinner at the Gourmet Restaurant, Steve took me to a statue that I’ve long admired, as the goddess it represents is where my name is derived. It was in front of this statue that he proposed. He said the day had been perfect, the evening had been perfect, and the rest of his life would be perfect if I would marry him. Of course, I said yes!

As the wedding planning process began, I had no doubt in my mind that Renault would also serve as our venue. Not only are the grounds beautiful, the food delicious, and the staff warm and welcoming, but most importantly, Renault holds a special place in both of our hearts. We booked immediately.

On our wedding day, the sun was shining and the air was warm- a perfect October day. Jeff picked out the best spot for us to do our “first look”. As I approached Steve, with his back turned, I was overwhelmed with emotions – I was excited, nervous, and anxious all at once. When he turned to see me for the first time, his eyes lit up and his smile beamed with joy. It was in that moment that I felt the most comfort. It was as if no one else was around, and the entire world had stopped so that we could envelop ourselves in this once in a lifetime, special moment. With that one simple look, I knew that spending the rest of my life with this man would bring me joy, happiness, love, and fulfillment.

Denise & Steve

Denise wore her Grandmother's necklace.

Getting ready to meet for the first reveal.

Badass one of Steven.

One of my favorites of Denise from the day.

A little game of beer pong to get the party started.

Busted. :)

I liked the silhouettes so much I decided to put two on.

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