Nicole&Nick/Cescaphe Event Group Wedding Photography

Downtown Club, Philadelphia, PA.

Nicole and Nick had a beautiful day for their wedding in Philadelphia. Dan & I met Nicole had one of my favorite hotels in Philly. The Hotel Monaco. Love when I hear a bride is getting ready here. Friendly staff and a funky lobby, cool rooms, great architecture. What's not to love. We headed up to Nicole's room and were war my greeted by her and her bridesmaids. We set up the reveal before the ceremony and did some shots of just Nicole & Nick around the area. All while being 'gent ally harassed' by the National Park Service. Note to photographers: Get a permit in Philly. Lot's of historical things going on. When we were through we jumped into the limo with Nick and his boys and headed to Old St. Mary's Church built in 1763!! So great to be inside such a historic building. After a beautiful ceremony we headed to The Downtown Club for a night of dancing and partying.
Their story is coming soon...

Love this detail of the shoes and Nicole's ring.

Fun shot of Nicole getting ready for the day.

Nicole looking beautiful.

Love 'finding' these type of shots. The shadows appeared and disappeared within 10 minutes.

Her awesome girls. Great group!!

Nick and his boys.

And the whole group.

This is Carter the ring bearer walking, no, sprinting up the aisle.

Dan caught this one from above.

Nicole & her grand mom walking up the aisle together.

Love Nick's expressions on these during the ring exchange.

And after Carter's sprint up the aisle he passed out. :)

Loved the lighting on this one.

I caught their exit from the back...

Dan caught it from the front.

A few details.

Their first dance.

Nicole had so many great expressions and emotions I wanted to show them all. :)

Nicole's sister got very emotional during her speech.

If it's 'too loud your too young'… ;)

I wanted to somehow get a skyline shot of the two them with Philadelphia. Unfortunately there is no access to the roof. So I thought of this. Problem solved. :)

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Lindsay & Mike/Windows on the Water

Windows on the Water, Sea Bright, NJ

Lindsay & Mike had a bright beautiful day for their wedding. The temperature was perfect. In face it's been a really great Spring. That classic NJ heat hasn't happened yet and I couldn't be happier. One of the things I love also is running into past couples at weddings. YOu feel like you are part of the family and makes it even more special to be asked once again to capture one of the most important days in their lives. Thank you Lindsay & Michael for allowing me to do what I love.
After Lindsay and her friends got ready at the house we met Mike for their first reveal in Red Bank. We spent a little bit of time capturing a few pics before the ceremony. After the ceremony we headed to Windows on the Water. We were also lucky enough to have a beautiful sunset. Here is their story.

How we met:
We met many, many years ago when friends of ours in high school were dating. Shortly after we both went in opposite directions for college, running into each other a few times over the years. It wasn't until we were back home and out at Jenks in Point Pleasant that we ran into each other again. Mike asked Lindsay to dinner, which they went to a week later at Maria's in Manasquan.

The proposal:
Mike asked Lindsay to marry him on December 21, 2012, a little over 3 years after they started dating. He proposed in the house that they share in Marlboro, NJ. Lindsay came home from her daily NYC commute to find Mike by the Christmas tree with a very sparkly ring hanging in a clear Christmas ornament. There were rose petals leading from the front door to the a Christmas tree where Mike was down on one knee.

The wedding:
We were married on the most perfect sunny, breezy day - May 17th, 2014 - at Tower Hill Presbyterian church in Red Bank, NJ. We celebrated the night away with family and friends at Windows on the Water in Sea Bright, NJ with the help of Sterling C's steel drums and our friends at This is it entertainment. It really was the most perfect day spent with all of those that we love.

Mike and Lindsay worked together as a team to make all the details of the day so special, and we couldn't have done it without the help of our amazing wedding vendors:

Church: Tower Hill Presbyterian, Pastor Tucker and Sally
Venue: Windows on the Water, Larry and Cheryl
Flowers: Warren Country Florist and Event Planning, Julie Conley
Invitations and Stationery: Holland Designs
DJ, MC, & Percussionist: This is It Entertainment
Steel Drums: Sterling C
Photographer: Jeff Tisman
Video: Northeast Horizons
Cake: Chocolate Carousel
Makeup: LV Makeup, Lauren Vena
Hair: Mary Rohlfs & Ashley Evan
Dresses: Nicole's Boutique

Loved Lindsay & Mike's new pup Charlie. Best 'best dog' ever!!

Lindsay and her sister having some fun getting ready.

Her sister teared up when she saw Lindsay in her dress for the first time on her big day.

Lindsay had a special heart for her 'something blue' of a loved ones material.

Mike wrote Lindsay a beautiful letter to his bride that had everyone in tears.

Dad's first look with his beautiful daughter.

Lindsey was a natural in front of the camera.

Mike and his boys sporting the cool sox.

Dan caught this great angle from above as Lindsay and dad walked up the aisle together.

Loved this one as Lindsay and Mike as they exit the church together for the first time as husband and wife into the light.

And Dan caught it from the front.

Classic Jersey shore.Of course we had to get some out on the beach.

One of my favorites from Lindsey.

This was caught just in time. Dan and I finally got a chance to eat. I literally ate one bite and looked outside and saw the sky. We quickly got our gear together. DId a test shot. Ran up and showed Lindsay and Mike and got it with about a minute to spare before all the color was gone. Well worth it!! :)

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Natalia & David/Westmount Country Club

Westmount Country Club, Woodland Park, NJ

Natalia & David had their wedding on a beautiful but cool afternoon. We met both Natalia & Dave at their hotel and did some photos before heading out to the church. I was really looking forward to capturing their day because of having such a great time at our E Session together. The difference this time though besides being their wedding was the addition of their beautiful daughter Isabella. Want to also thank MPW Media Group for being great to work along side as they captured the cinematography for them.
And now here is their story…

How we met:
David and I met at work, I was bartending and he was the Assistant Banquet Manager. After one year of flirting, we finally started to date during our restaurant's xmas party. We quickly fell in love for each other and after 2 years he popped the question.

The proposal:
We've always wanted to go skyding. So, on the summer of 2011, we decided to go for it. Both of families came with us to watch. Me, David and his brother in law were the only was ones that were courageous enough to do it lol. David and his brother jumped first. When I landed, David was waiting for me on his knees and asked me to marry me. I was ecstatic, he really surprised me. We got everything on video and tons of photos, it was a very original way to propose. This was one of the best days of my life. Skydiving and getting engaged, too much adrenaline for one day lol.

The wedding:
Our wedding was supposed to be on 06/21/2013 as you already know. However, on September of 2012 we got pregnant as a surprise, so we had to change the date to 05/02/2014. Although Bella was an accident, it was the best thing that happened in our lives. We are so much happier and our love became much stronger and more solid after we became a family.

Our wedding was very special, the main reason being our daughter was there to witness this very special moment of our lives. The whole day we felt like we were in a dream. Everything went perfect, weather was great, our daughter was happy, our vendors were phenomenal, food was delicious and the service at the Westmount was impeccable. We couldn't be happier. There was such a great energy, everyone was having a such a good time. I wish I could stop in time, it all went by too fast. You, too Jeff, helped make our day more special. As I have said before, you were professional, gave directions, and you were happy the whole time. And you made us feel very confortable in front of the camera, that was great!

Natalia & David

Natalia & Isabella's dress's hanging together.

And their shoes.

Isabella was a great little flower girl and was all ready rocking' the camera.

And her cute little niece.

Great capture by Dan. How great is this to look back on when Isabella is getting ready for her day?

Natalia and her sister having some fun while getting ready.

Mom, daughter and grand child.

Love this one. She may be small but she's a big help. :)

Dave wrote Natalia a beautiful letter.

Natalia looked amazing on her day.

Some of Dave's details.

Dave and his boys rocking' the shot.

Arriving at the church.

Love this one by Dan.


Have to admit I don't usually shoot Gazebos. But there was something magical about this setting.

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Brittany & Edvard/Princeton Wedding Photographer

Here are some of my favorites from a great E Session in Princeton with Brittany & Edvard and their pooch Brian. They will be having their wedding next May. We had a great time with lots of laughs. Including an impromptu cone smashing Brittany was unaware of. Really looking forward to capturing this day for them.


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Kim & Kyle/Rockleigh Country Club, NJ

Rockleigh Country Club, Rockleigh, NJ

Still catching up on last years weddings. Kim & Kyle had a beautiful fall day for their wedding. We met at Kim's parents home and then went out for some great photos around town capturing the beautiful fall colors. Kim even climbed a small mountain to get one of my favorite shots of the day. I think we spent more time pulling the bugs and leaves out of her dress than the time it took to climb the hill. But the shot was well worth it!! We hit a few more spots and then headed back to Rockleigh for a beautiful ceremony and party. The night was made complete from pine of the coolest thing I've ever seen at a wedding. All the guests were greeted by a candy truck loaded with candy and goodies for everyone. It was awesome!!! ANd now here's their story…

How We Met:

We were set up by my sister, whose husband played on the same hockey team as Kyle. She would often attend the games, and insisted that I come to one and meet him. So it was there at a hot, smelly hockey rink that we first met. We hit it off right away and from that moment on, we were inseparable. Kyle is sure to remind me that it all traces back to hockey when we are sitting home on a Saturday night watching a NY Rangers game (sorry Jeff).

The Engagement:

We lived together at the time, and always came home from work together every day. When we walked in, I saw that there was a big box for me on the counter. I opened it, and it was the pocketbook I had been wanting. While I appreciated the surprise, I actually had a responsible moment and told Kyle it was unnecessary and that we should return it (first time that had ever happened)! Kyle managed to convince me to open it up and I found the ring hidden inside. After being in shock for what felt like an eternity, I said yes! Kyle managed to surprise me yet again that night, as we went out to dinner and he had my whole family waiting for us at the restaurant. It was such an amazing night and it couldn’t have gone any better!

The Wedding:

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. We always talked about having a fall wedding, and we lucked out with amazing weather. The first time we walked into The Rockleigh, we knew it was our venue. Everything about the day was better than we could have ever imagined, made possible by all of those involved. It truly was my dream wedding! We want to thank Jeff for his amazing work capturing the memories that will be with us forever. Nobody else could get me to climb up a hill in my wedding dress in order to get a great shot. My mother is still yelling at me about having to pull all of those leaves and twigs out of my tulle. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Kim & Kyle

Grrrrr. Another Ranger fan. ;)

Thought these shoes was super cool.

It was so much fun as Kim was getting ready with her big sisters help.

Kim was great to photograph. So much fun.

Climbing the hill to get the shot. So worth it even with all the creepy crawlies and leaves and sticks and any other thing they picked up in Kim's dress. Sorry mom. :)

This is the shot we got. One of my favs. from the day.

The leaves were in full color.

The crazy candy truck.

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