Kelsey & Corey/The Surf Club

New Rochelle, NY

Kelsey & Corey had an absolutely perfect day for a wedding. Perfect temperatures and a beautiful late summer sky. They chose to do all their photos before the ceremony so they were able to enjoy all their friends and family and cocktail hour. We started at the hotel and made our way to a few different locations around town. It was then off to the Surf Club for a sunset ceremony and a night of dancing & partying.
Here is their story:

How we met: Corey's version: The first time I saw her, we were at interviews for our Accounting internship. I wanted to go up and start talking to her then, but didn't have the guts. I looked for her on Facebook and she seemingly did not have a profile. A few weeks later, after I had gotten the internship at Deloitte, our mutual friend picked me up to go to our introduction dinner. We then stopped at Mansfield apartments and that same beautiful blonde girl game bouncing out of her apartment and into the car! It then took the new 4-5 months to convince her to date me, and the rest is history.

The proposal: Kelsey's version: I was anxiously awaiting my ring for quite some time and his proposal could not have been more perfect. We were heading up to Connecticut for mother's day and were stopping up near University of Connecticut (UCONN) so I could get my hair done and Corey was going to check out the UCONN gear at the COOP...or so I thought. After he picked me up we went to go walk around campus and I wanted to get icecream first but he insisted on a walk first. We went to a spot that he had picked out in the center of campus and the second he got on one knee I started shaking and crying. I don't even know if I said yes. I was able to go celebrate with my family that night and then see his family the next day in New Jersey to celebrate. We left for Hawaii a week later, so it was the perfect way to celebrate our new engagement.

The wedding: I think I've been planning my wedding since I was five years old and dressing up like a bride. Corey was pretty laid back throughout the entire process and kept me grounded and sane. Jeff had photographed our friends wedding a few years back and since then I was looking on his blog and checking out his pictures and I knew I had to have him photograph our day. I called him and the venue at the same time to check availability and when he was available on our day I could not be more thrilled. We had him do our engagement shoot in September and all I wanted was a 'sky shot' and although we got a gorgeous day, there was not a cloud in the sky. Our wedding day could not be further from that...the weather was perfect and the sky was filled with clouds. After our first look and the pictures with Corey, all of my bridesmaids said I was completely relaxed for the rest of the day. I had gotten my 'sky shot!' Our wedding day was filled with love and it meant so much to us that all of our friends and family traveled to be with us and share in our celebration. Jeff really does 'see things a little differently' and I have loved every picture I've seen so far and cannot wait to see the rest. We all keep laughing about 'Togetherness' still. I've been looking at the blog for years and cannot wait to be part of it!

Kelsey and Corey

And a beautiful "thank you" form Kelsey & Corey. I really love what I do and to make two people so happy on their day is an amazing feeling. Thank you both for allowing me to love what I do!!

Jeff, we cannot thank you enough for all of your amazing work on the day of our wedding. I have been absolutely blown away by the pictures I've seen so far and cannot wait to see the rest of them! You were fun to work with and made us both feel comfortable during the pictures. You truly are so different from everything that's out there and I am so glad we chose you to shoot our wedding and capture the memories!

And now Kelsey & Corey...

Kelsey had her "something blue" from various family members.

Dreaming of the becoming the new "Mrs. Griffin". :)

Toasting the day.

HA!! Had to do it. Mom put this little guy down for a nap. Thought it was so great. He's so at peace amongst the craziness.

Love this one. Kelsey's idea. Great one Kelsey!

Kelsey looking amazing!

Such a classic image. Love spiral staircases.

And this one. Just makes for really interesting images.

Kelsey & her girls.

Rockin' shot of the guys.

The weather couldn't have been more perfect for a ceremony on the water.

LOL!! They had their faces on the bathroom doors.

The first dance together.

Such good energy. Kelsey and Corey were smiles all day!

Having a laugh during the toasts.

One of the best dad & daughter dances!! They both busted out some awesome moves in the middle of their "traditional" sway back & fourth. So great!

The "classic" sky shot!! Especially for Kelsey! :)

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Zonnie & Tom/Weddings of Distinction/The Ashford Estate

The Ashford Estate, Allentown, NJ

Zonnie & Tom had a beautiful day for their amazing wedding. At one of the most incredible venues in New Jersey. The Ashford Estate. Not only is it a photographers dream venue with all the spots to photograph the staff and caterer, Merri Makers are THE BEST to work with. No stress about what I'm doing or what I'm moving. Just wanted to say that. I am so appreciative when I work with vendors when we all know the ultimate goal is making the day special for the bride & groom!! When we all get along it really is something to appreciate.

Here is their story:

How we met:

We met in Atlantic City on Halloween night in 2009. Tom came down from Brooklyn with his friends dressed as a wrestler, wearing only black boots and a yellow speedo, and I was with my friends dressed as a "sexy vampire". Tom grabbed my hand as I walked by him on the dance floor, and we have been together ever since.

The proposal:

It was the year of endless weddings and engagement parties…..I kept thinking, "when is it going to be my turn?!" On June 9, 2012, we were all set to attend (yet another) engagement party. This time, something felt different, and this is why. As soon as Tom opened the door to the room where the party was being held, I heard the song "Marry You" by Bruno Mars begin to play, and my jaw dropped instantly. There were heart shaped balloons that read "Will You Marry Me?" in front of me, and Tom was on one knee reaching out for my hand with the ring. As I looked around to try to comprehend what was happening, I saw all of our friends and family were in the room cheering him on as he proposed in front of about 80 people. Tears of happiness and shock were flowing uncontrollably. I don't think I said yes at first, or even looked at the ring! I didn't care to. I was just so happy, and ready to (finally) enjoy OUR engagement party.

Our wedding day:

August 10, 2013…"the wedding of the century" as my family and friends like to call it :)

It was a perfect day for a wedding. I guess the old superstition of throwing a fork in the yard for good weather worked afterall! Being the extremely nervous person that I am, Jeff made me constantly laugh and kept reminding me to just have fun with everything, and I certainly did. From the emotional ceremony at the church to the unforgettable reception at The Ashford Estate, everything was just beautiful. It was our very own fairy tale wedding, and we are so lucky we had Jeff to capture it all. He definitely "sees things a little differently." :)

Zonnie & Tom-

I also want to add how awesome Zonnie & Tom were on their wedding day. They gave me the time to do what I love and I appreciate it so much. And even more so when I get a letter from my couples like this. It really means so much to me. I have been photographing weddings for almost twenty five years and I think I love it more now than when I started. I have met amazing people, photographed at incredible locations and love what I do. And it makes me love it even more when I receive a letter like this one from Zonnie & Tom. I always say I'm only as good as my couples. You want awesome photos. You have to go for it. Together we make a great team!! Thank you again guys!!!!


I just wanted to let you know how unbelievable you and your crew were on Saturday. Tom, myself, and my entire family have not stopped talking about you. From the moment you got to my parents' house up until the end of the reception, you were amazing. You weren't "in our faces" so to speak, you told us exactly what to do, what not to do, and how to do it. You made us LAUGH, and you made it a point to learn everyone's name, which I think is sooooo professional and respectful. You were quick, as to let us enjoy ourselves as much as we possibly could, knowing that the day and night would FLY by, as it did. Everyone was saying how they have never heard of or been a part of something with a photographer like you. You stand out, for obvious reasons. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. There is just something about how you do your job that is unbelievable. I remember the gazebo pic the best….everyone saying "what the hell is this guy doing??????" Then we see a camera as we look up to the sky….I said guys, that's the ONLY way Jeff will do a gazebo shot!! My brother then saying "this guy is unreal…." We all cannot WAIT to see the final product from my wedding. The few teasers you posted are GORGEOUS. I have been getting calls and texts about how amazing they are. I searched high and low for a photographer right after I got engaged. I wanted someone who'ss pictures stood out to me, and someone who shot at The Ashford before. I found your blog, and when I saw your photos, I knew I had to have you. You put everyone else to shame!!! HAHAHA!!!! Hopefully when Tom and I bring a little one into the world we will have the pleasure of working with you again for a maternity photo shoot :) Thanks again, Jeff, for everything. I know my pictures will ROCK. I had high expectations after our e-session, and you went even higher. Enjoy the rest of your summer, which I am sure is filled with awesome weddings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zonnie (and Tom, too)

P.S. "Zonnie and Tom….TOGETHERNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" My fam will NOT stop saying that….lol.

And now, Zonnie & Tom...

The world famous "Z" tattoo.

Zonnie had all friends sign her shoe.

HA!! Just in case you didn't know who Zonnies girls were.

Adrienne captured Tom getting ready at his house.

Dan capturing a great moment when Zonnie opened her gift from Tom.

Love this detail image of the dress.

Beautiful texture in the detail of Zonnies dress.

Mom helping with the veil.

Tears were flowing when Zonnie's dad came to see his beautiful daughter for the first time as a bride.

Zonnie made my day so easy!! Absolutely beautiful!

Arriving to the church in style.

How cute are these two? The flower girl & ring bearer.

The light is always magical at The Ashford Estate.

Adrienne caught this shot from the back as Zonnie & Tom entered the party.

And I was able to get it from the front..

Their first dance together.

Love the next two shots.

Tom's sister & dad applauding Tom & mom's dance together.

Amazing party.

Zonnie giving Tom a run showing off her "guns"!!

One of my favorite "classic" shots ever of the bouquet toss!!

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Katie & Aaron/Liberty House Restaurant

Liberty House, Jersey City, NJ

This has to be hands down one of the best "how we met" ever!!! Read below Katie & Aaron's story. Amazing how fate works!
Katie & Aaron's day called for rain. Luckily we were able to get some amazing shots of the NY skyline at Liberty State Park. We literally just finished when the rain came. Unfortunately the rain did prevent the ceremony from happening outside. It was still a beautiful ceremony and it was on to dancing the night away. I also want to say thank you once again to Peter & his crew at PF Films for always the utmost professionalism when working together. We are there for the couple and working together as a team and not against each other is huge!!!!

And here is their story:

Our story started before we even met. But I will get to that later… Aaron and I began dating when we were 17 years old. We met in math class during our sophomore year of high school, and we quickly became good friends. Aaron wanted to start dating, but I liked how things were, so we remained friends. At the end of our junior year, we were both asked to the senior prom by different people. We attended with our respective dates, but we ended up ditching them and we spent the whole prom together instead. At the end of the night, Aaron, always persistent, asked me out one more time. I made the poor guy wait a whole day before I gave him my answer. And the rest, as they say, is history.

We attended different colleges and graduate schools, sometimes in separate states, but we stayed together through it all. One Christmas break, Aaron and I were looking through some old family pictures at my parents’ house. As we flipped through all of my awkward phases and questionable fashion choices, we came across my first communion class photo. To our surprise, we saw both of our little faces staring back at us. We had never realized that we were in the same class. Just for fun, we dug up an old VHS player (who has those anymore?!) and played the video of our first communion. As it turns out, Aaron and I had been partners. We walked down the aisle side by side, complete with formal wear and a veil, at eight years old. Some things are just meant to be.

Katie & Aaron

Katie getting some final touches before getting into her dress.

Katie's nephew wondering what these cool pink things are.

All the girls received custom monogramed robes from the bride.


Love this veil one. One of my favorites from the day.

The good thing about threat of rain...AWESOME clouds!!!!

The small details. All the color from the shoes make the photo so much more colorful. I always tell my brides. Be unique. There are no rules. Add color and whatever else you feel like to make your day unique.

Aaron and his boys.

Proud mom and daughter walking up the aisle.

And from the balcony. Great capture by my assistant Dan.

And here's the photo of them at their communion all those years ago. It really is amazing when you stop and think about fate!


First dance.

Small taste of the fun.

I had to include this one for Aaron. There were sparklers set up outside for the guests. Well one of the guests thought it would be a good idea to put a burning sparkler in with the un-lit sparklers. Please take note...BAD IDEA!! Just before I turned around to see this I was facing the other way and the room lit up like a bomb went off. No the sparklers don't "sparkle". The staff came running out with water to put the fire out. I like Aarons expression. He's like "yeah,yeah, fire,fire!! a la Beavis. :)

I'm not a big fan of taking the bride & groom away from their party but for fifteen minutes or so I'd say it's worth it. Love this image!!

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Meg & Jack/Skytop Lodge, Pennsylvania

Skytop Lodge,Skytop, Pennsylvania

Meg and Jack had an amazing day for a wedding. Beautiful blue skies. WHite puffy clouds and nice temperatures. One of my favorite things about weddings is all the different locations I am lucky enough to visit and see. EVery weekend I am somewhere new. It really is amazing. Well Meg & Jack's day was right up there with beautiful places. I remember the ride from the church to sky top through the beautiful mountains and roads of Pennsylvania. We arrived a little ahead of Meg and Jack and I recalled Meg saying she wanted to do a shot by the lake. We were set up and ready when Meg mentioned a photo she liked. I took a look and it was a bride in the water. I asked if she'd go in the water and she said "anything for the pics Jeff". Yes!!! Love my brides!!! As I always say, "I'm only as good as my couples". Here is their story:

Many people ask the question, “How did you two meet?” I always look at Jack and say, “It’s such a long story, they will get bored in the middle, let’s make it short!” So it starts with something along this line:

Over the last twenty years, we have been a part of each other’s lives. It begins with me going to our high school basketball games, sitting in the bleachers and cheering especially for Jack. After our high years, time and distance came between us, yet there were a few encounters along the way. Some were short-lived, others had a more lasting impression. Years later at a crowded bar in Avalon, NJ, I heard someone yell “Megan!” It was, of course, Jack. This unexpected meeting was very special given the fact that much time had elapsed from the last one. However, we still had gone our separate ways. Four years ago, there was one more special unexpected surprise, as I was waitressing at a local bar near our hometown. This time was different than the others…we were finally going to give “us” a whirl! Many details are left out for time purposes. FATE would be the best sum-up to it all. Clearly, many things had to align to bring us to July 27, 2013: the beginning of another beautiful chapter to our story.

July 27th Our Wedding Day! The sky was blue. The sun was shining. The church was filled with the most special people in our lives. Most were physically there, though we are positive our fathers were present in spirit too. A few tears were seen. The music was grand. Photographers were magnificent. Everyone was in high spirits. The ceremony was beautiful. It was time to celebrate. Celebrate we did! Long time friends were reunited. Cheers were shared. Laughs were had. Memories were made. All along realizing “there is no such thing as a coincidence”…

Meg & Jack

Meg & Jack are school teachers. Thus the "classic apple".

Fun detail. No that's not Jack. Random guy in a magazine.

Now this is one of my all time favorite "ring shots" that I ever did. Every week I try to challenge myself with my "ring shots". Basically the story behind this one was Meg & Jack LOVE Swedish Fish. And by love I mean really, really love Swedish Fish. So I was thinking "how can I incorporate them into a photo"? I just started playing with the fish and laying them out in different patterns. And when laying them out I knew instantly the rings would make good "air bubbles". And there you have it. So it ties in their love for each other along with their mutual love of Swedish Fish. :)

Meg got ready with her mom and sister.

Loved the light in the hallway. It's all about "quality of light" as opposed to "quantity flight".

Meg's eyes were stunning!

Getting ready to leave for the church.

Riding in style. What a day!!!

Meg & mom proudly walking up the aisle.

Love Jack's expression in this one.

Meg & Jack's wedding program was designed by her students.

Magic light!

First dance together.

The toasts

Party fun.

That's a Swedish Fish they're biting. I was going for a "Lady & the Tramp" kind of thing here. :)

HA!! Love this one.

My couples ROCK!!! Not everyone is willing to walk in the water in their dress. I'd say it was worth it! Thank you both for "going for it"!

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Caitlin and Mike/The Venetian, Garfield, NJ

The Venetian

Caitlin & Mike had a very hot day but it didn't stop them or their thirty one(derfull) friends from enjoying the day. I have to give it up to my couples. No matter what mother nature throws at them they are always smiles and a great attitude. And of course Caitlin & Mike are no exception. They chose to do all their pics before the ceremony. So after a great reveal at the house just the four of us (have to include my awesome assistant Dan in there! :) headed to Fairleigh Dickinson University. We spent some time together before the bus arrived with their thirty one member bridal party. Yes, I said thirty one!!! My biggest bridal party I have ever photographed!! After a beautiful ceremony we headed to the Venetian for an all out blast of a party.

Here is their story:

Where it all started...
Mike and I have a few mutual guy friends. They both like taking the credit of hooking us up, but we like to say it was a joint effort. One of them had sparked the idea and the other made it happen. It didn't take long for Mike and I to connect. We met on a double date at Pazzo Pazzo in Morristown, NJ and kept the dates up after that. We weren't even together a full year before he proposed. When it's right, there is no question. You just know...and we both just knew!
The proposal...
I had always told Mike that I wanted family close by on the night he proposed. He took that literal and did it front of both of our immediate family members, which made it even more special. Our parents were going to meet for the first time. I didn't expect him to do it at all, but got a manicure just in case! As we were ordering drinks at Cielo Restaurant, the owner walked over with dozens of red roses and put them in front of me and then he handed me a card. By the time I opened the card, I was feeling confused and overwhelmed. The card read, "Will you marry me?" The next thing I saw was Mike on his knee next to me. I jumped up and asked, "Are you serious?" Everyone yelled for me to take the ring. I just hugged him. I don't think I ever said, "yes" officially. I didn't even look at any ring for a good three minutes. I was just happy to know I'd be spending my life with a really amazing guy. We were surrounded by our great families and a bunch of clapping strangers. Our ceremony was my favorite part. It was special to both of us because we were married by someone who took the time to find out who we are as a couple. It was also important that we remembered the special people in our lives that were taken from us as a young age.
The planning started and less than a year later we got married in front of 300 people with our HUGE bridal party. It was the greatest day EVER!

Caitlin & Mike

Caitlin had charms of some very special friends who just recently passed away.

Engraving inside Mike's ring.

Caitlin & mom having a laugh while getting ready.

Love this image.

Putting on the finishing touches.

Great first reveal.

Def. one of my favorites as well. I think I say that lot. ;) This was a flag hanging in one of the bedrooms in Caitlin's house. Love finding things in couples homes that I can incorporate in the photos that have special meaning to them.

The next few images were at FDU in 100 degree heat. But you can't tell because Caitlin & Mike were such great sports about it and never complained once!

WOW!!!!!! Thirty one!! Count em'!! :)

Some of the bridesmaids had charms as well for their loved ones.

The only way I'll take a photo in a gazebo. ;)

Mike along with both dad's and brothers sporting their Giants sox.

Arriving at the church in style!!


Great capture by my assistant Dan.

Caitlin & dad enjoying their walk up the aisle.

Talk about timing. Caitlin is a teacher and had some of her students at the ceremony. As I was shooting the detail of the card this little guy popped his head up for a second to take a look.

Just a few of the details.

First dance.

Mom and friends getting emotional during Caitlin's dance with dad.

Everyone should be greeted with such joy. :)

Even granpa' got up and danced!

Cutting the cake with gusto. :)

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