Jeff Featured in Professional Photographer Magazine

I have been reading Professional Photographer magazine for as long as I can remember. On the day I received the e mail from the editor I first thought it was a joke a friend was playing on me. I thought to myself "who would want to do a story on me"? So I called the editor and she said it was no joke. They had seen some of my images and would love to interview me for a feature in their magazine. This was truly an honor because as I stated above for years I've read about other photographers and how they got to where they are now. And now my story was going to be told. It really is exciting and humbling to think I can inspire a new generation of photographers. But all this would not be possible without my couples. Week after week I capture someone's 'big day'. People often ask "do I enjoy it still"? I reply "I don't enjoy it. I love it". Honestly. I attend a party every weekend. Sure there are stressful moments. But what in life isn't stressful? But it all comes back to my amazing couples. You all allow me to enjoy myself and laugh along with you and all your families. So I thank you all. I look forward to capturing many more wedding's and capturing your families as you grow together.


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Grace & Charlie/Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

Here are some favorite's from an E Session with Grace and Charlie. They made the trek up to the mountains of the Hudson Valley in NY state. They brought their southern hospitality charm with them as they live in Virginia. So excited for their wedding next year at Pippin Hill Farm. It's listed as one of the top fifty romantic wedding venues in the entire U.S.A.!! Thank you both for coming up to the mountains and hiking around for the afternoon. I'm really looking forward to seeing you both again next year.


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Hannah & Billy/Boston Wedding Photographer

Hannah and Billy are getting married next January at the Ashford Estate in NJ. When talking about ideas for their E Session we thought it would be great to head up to their hometown of Boston. So my assistant Vince and I headed up on a beautiful afternoon and with Hannah and Billy drove around Boston hitting some of the 'classic' spots including Fenway Park, The Boston Marathon Finish Line and the MIT boat house. Thank you Hannah and Billy for being so great and fun to capture. I know your wedding is going to be awesome! Here are just a few of my favorites from the day.


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Rachel & David/ Princeton E-Session

Recently I spent some time with Rachel & David who are getting married this August. I unfortunately was not available for their wedding day. But being able to do their E Session was still a great time. Here are some of my favorites from my afternoon with Rachel and David. Have a great wedding day in August.


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Annie & Andrew/ The Park Savoy Estate

The Park Savoy Estate, Florham Park, NJ

Annie & Andrew had a beautiful Spring day for their wedding. Although it was a bit windy and chilly it didn't stop them at all from enjoying their day. They had a beautiful ceremony at Holy Family Chapel at St. Elizabeth in Morristown, NJ. They were later joined at The Park Savoy for a rocking party led by NYC Swing. They were AMAZING!! Their cinematographer is one of my favorites led by Glen of Cord 3 Films. Annies flowers were created by Santos Florist.
And now here is their story:

How We Met

Andrew and Annie met the old fashioned way: in a bar!
With no social media, internet, or mutual friends involved, Andrew simply walked up to Annie at a bar in Hoboken and introduced himself. After spending a short time getting to know one another, they made a point to reconnect the next day to see if the connection they felt was real, or a result of one-too-many beers! ...Needless to say, the rest is history!

How He Proposed

If it's one thing Andrew has always known about Annie, it's that she is impossible to surprise. So as they began talking about a pending engagement, Andrew knew he wanted to do something that Annie would never suspect - and he nailed it!
Growing up, Andrew and his family would spend part of their summers at their Grandmother's lake house in Rangeley, Maine, a place that is very dear to Andrew's heart. As they got on the road to tackle the seven hour drive from Hoboken, Annie had no idea that her engagement ring was safely nestled in Andrew's pocket.
When they were about an hour outside of Rangeley, Andrew suddenly shouted out that they had a flat tire and needed to pull over. Of course, Annie immediately turned to call Triple A for help when Andrew pleaded with her to get out of the car to look at the tire. In the midst of all the excitement, Annie didn't realize that they were pulled over at the side of a beautiful river with wild flowers and trees because she was trying to get cell phone service. Once Andrew got down on one knee to "look at the tire," he held his hand out with the ring box and asked Annie to be his wife - truly the most unexpected and happiest moment of her life.
...And he did it...he actually surprised her!

Annie & Andrew

When at a wedding I am constantly aware of light and shadows. While Dan (my assistant) and I were looking for a spot to capture Annies details I happened upon a staircase. You can call it luck or timing but there it was. A beam of sunlight coming down through the window. One of my favorite wedding 'details' to date.

Love this image of Annie getting ready. Hair flying and all. The dress is a reflection in my I Phone.

Opening her gift from Andrew.

One of the cute flower girls.

Annie and mom having a laugh while getting ready.

Annie looked beautiful.

Their pooch met us at St. Elizabeth for some pre-pics.

Annie entering the church surrounded by the love of her dad around her and in her heart. She carried a photo of him on her bouquet.

Love this image of the flower girl softly smiling as she watched Annie & Andrew exchange vows.

I don't usually take images like this but the light was magical on them.

My favorite image from the day.

A little sampling of the fun.

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