Gillian & Steven/Oheka Castle, Huntington, NY

Oheka Castle, Huntington, NY

I can finally say I shot a Oheka wedding. I have been wanting to photograph here for a long time. I have seen so many incredible images from here. It was definitely on my list. Lucky for me Gillian and Steven chose me to capture their day. The forecast called for rain all day. But after a brief shower or two the sun came out and shined on their day. They had an incredible time with family and friends dancing the night away in celebration.

Here is their story:

How We Met:

Steve and I were introduced to each other through mutual friends but nothing romantic happened because I was already spoken for. Still, I couldn’t get that goofy guy with the contagious smile and laugh out of my head. Once my relationship ended, I decided to take a giant leap out of my comfort zone and send Steve my phone number. Needless to say, he sent me a text within minutes and we went on our first date a few days later! Our first date was perfect. We talked for hours about everything…..we talked so much I even forgot to go to the bathroom and wet my pants. We both left that night knowing we met someone special and 17 months later we got engaged.

Our Engagement:

Our engagement was perfect though it certainly didn’t go as Steve planned. I had made a dinner reservation so didn’t think Steve was planning a proposal. We were visiting family in New Jersey and heading back to our apartment in NYC. I was running late and Steve was panicking about missing our dinner reservation, which was odd since usually it’s the other way around. We had about 15 minutes until our reservation and I insisted I needed to change and walk Pumpernickel (our dog). Steve ended up walking Pumpernickel so I could get upstairs to change. Once in the apartment, I was convinced someone had broken in…..not because anything was missing but rather, it was cleaner than when I left. Apparently I thought robbers clean for you too. While I’m trying to figure out who broke into our apartment, Steve is in the elevator, pressing the button to every floor and trying to tie the ring box on Pumpernickel’s collar. The rest went something like this….our apartment door opens, Pumpernickel gives a shake, the ring falls off of him, I freak out about the robber, Steve’s on his hands and knees looking for the ring and before I can question what on earth he’s doing on the floor, he finds it and the rest is history. I later found out, Steve had gone to the apartment to tidy up and show his Dad the ring!

Our Wedding

Our wedding day was the best day of our lives. We had it at Oheka Castle in Huntington, NY…a far cry from the destination wedding with a small group of people we always talked about but we wouldn’t change a thing about it. I was beyond calm and wasn’t feeling nervous at all leading up o the wedding. That was until, the weather was awful in the morning and I was in a tizzy about the ceremony that was supposed to be outside. I had a chat with Jeff, he told me a story about his brothers wedding and he said, it’s your wedding Gillian, if you want it to be outside, it should be outside. From that point on I was back to my calm, cool and collected self, I didn’t care about the weather, the ceremony was happening outside. If I didn’t care about getting wet, none of our guests should. Ironically just as we were about to start the sky cleared and it was the most beautiful day (we believe it was all the angels we have watching from above, especially Steve’s mom who could not be with us that day but we know was looking down on us). The wedding went just as we wanted it to and it was truly the happiest day of our lives. We felt so blessed to be surrounded by the people that mean the most to us and have their support.

Gillian & Steven

LOL!! Gillian getting sprayed with something. :)

I loved the next three images so much I decided to put them all there. The light and the design of the bridal suite was amazing.

Mom helping out.

Gillian opening Steve's gift and letter to her.

Dad lending a hand to Steve as he gets ready for the big day.

Love this one of Gillian.

The grand entrance at Oheka. Loved the light, the symmetry and the couple. :)

All the kids of the bridal party. And look at that. Only one was crying. :)

A little bribery never hurt anyone.

Of course the classic image from Oheka. If you get married here you will get this image.

The proud dad walking his beautiful bride up the aisle.

Uh, what's going on here?? Actually dad is trying to block the wind as they try to light the unity candle. :)

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Kristy & Steve/Stone House at Stirling Ridge

Stone House at Stirling Ridge, Warren, NJ

Kristy & Steve had their ceremony and reception at one of my favorite venues in New Jersey. Not only for the grounds, the food and atmosphere but they have some of the nicest professional staffs anywhere. When ever I am there Carissa and Frank make me and even more important the bride and groom along with their family and friends feel so welcome it really helps with the energy for the day. Bring on the good times!! Kristy got ready in her home with her girls and then we headed over to Stone House to meet Steve. We arrived a little before Steve and spend some time capturing some portraits of Kristy on the property. We had their first reveal and walked the grounds capturing just the two of them before the bridal party and family arrived. Great day with great people.

Here is their story: :)

How we met:
I always laugh when I seem to think about the story of how Steve and I met. I had actually been set up on a blind date with a friend of a friend. I went into the date with an open mind, even though I had not had much luck with some of the other blind dates that I had gone on. When I met the guy I thought that he was very nice. It turned out, however, that he had a couple of friends with him on our date. Needless to say, Steve was one of those friends. The entire evening I spent most of my time hanging out with Steve. We laughed, we danced…he even held my purse. Things obviously did not work out with the guy that I had initially went on the date with, which was okay with me. I did, however, continue to think about Steve a lot, but I never really thought that I would see him again. Ironically, Steve had grown up next door to one of my best friends. One day I was at a softball tournament with my girlfriend. Steve was actually on the team that was playing my friend’s husbands team. After the game, we all ended up gathering around and talking. My girlfriend then kind of dropped the hint to Steve to ask me out. A few weeks later, I got an email from Steve seeing if I would like to go on a date with him. A couple of weeks later we went on our first date. That first date lasted over 8 hours! The funny thing about that night is that we met a woman who had told us that we were going marry each other. I knew from that moment on that he and I were meant to be together. After that, Steve asked me out on a second date. And that second date turned into what I would call forever!

Our engagement:
Steve and I knew early in our relationship that we wanted to get married. One weekend in March I was supposed to go out to dinner at a restaurant in Weehawken, NJ with my parents. They told me that they wanted to take me out since Steve was away on a business trip. Once my parents and I had gotten to the restaurant, one of which we go to often, my dad had mentioned that he wanted to look at a boat that was for sale before going into the restaurant. The boat dock was located right next to the restaurant. Although I thought that was strange (because my dad does not have any interest in boats) I agreed to go with him to look at it. While walking down the dock my father was greeted by a man. This man was taking us to look at the boat. As we got closer to the boat I realized that it wasn’t a boat we were about to get onto, but a large luxury yacht. As I walked up the stairs to the yacht I saw Steve. He was standing there looking as handsome as ever, dressed in a suite. I couldn’t believe my eyes. As I looked around, I saw his mom and flowers throughout the yacht. I was beyond speechless. I thought he was away. I asked what was going on, even though in my heart I knew that this was it….he was going to propose. Steve told me that he really just wanted his mom and my parents to get to know one another by enjoying the evening together on the water. I actually believed that, too. So, we then sailed down the Hudson River with amazing views of the NYC skyline as we enjoyed cocktails and appetizers. Sunset was just approaching and the Captain of the yacht recommended we go out to the bow of the boat to get an up close view of the Statue of Liberty during sunset. The Captain said he would get as close as he possibly could with his 97ft yacht. As we walked from the top deck down to the bow of the yacht, Steve was following me. Then, as we were a couple hundred feet away for the Statue of Liberty I turned around on the bow and saw Steve down on one knee with a gorgeous ring in his hand. He told me that had fallen in love with the most amazing woman in the world (me) and he wants to love me for the rest of our lives. Then he asked me to marry him and I said YES!

The wedding:
Looking back at our wedding I have no regrets! We were lucky enough to have phenomenal weather all day long. I spent the morning at my parent’s house getting ready with my mom, sister, and bridesmaids. It was fun and relaxing! I was actually calm the entire time. The only time that I got especially emotional was when I did a reveal to my dad once I had my gown on. Jeff set it up perfectly! After getting ready, I went with Jeff to the Stonehouse so that Steve and I could do our reveal. I am so, so happy that Steve and I decided to do the reveal. It was that time that I cherish the most. Although the cameras were there, it was one of the most private, intimate moments that we both shared that day. Steve and I got to have our own private time. Time to see each other for the first time. Time to express how we were feeling without all of our guests being right there. The funny thing is that the reveal did not “ruin” that feeling that you are supposed to have when seeing each other at the alter. Although we had the reveal, we both got the same feelings seeing each other at the ceremony.

Overall, the ceremony and reception at the Stonehouse couldn’t have been more perfect. I got to see all of the little details come to life…the ones that I had spent endless hours preparing for. Steve and I are so blessed to have been able to share that day and evening with our phenomenal family and friends. We ate amazing food and danced all night long. I am so thankful to have had Jeff capture our amazing day, it was like he was a guest of our wedding and enjoyed it just as much as everyone invited. Thank you Jeff!

Few details from the day.

Her pooch looked a little like "WTF is going on!!" ;)

Love the lighting in this one of Kristy and her sister getting ready.

Such a great moment when dad got a look at his daughter as a bride for the first time. The tears were flowing.

I then caught this moment from across the hall.

Kristy looking beautiful on her wedding day.

The next several images were caught around the property at Stone House.

The cute kids helping out the couple for the day.

These next two are so fun. Just so much going on with everyone trying to catch their flowers before they hit the water. So many great faces. :)

Ceremony details.

Vows to each other.

Love this one of their first dance together.

Classic image against the candle wall.

Almost made it to the end of the night. :)

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Erin & Mike/Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

WOW!! This E Session was a long time in the making. I think we had to reschedule at least four or five times for various reasons. But alas we were able to make it work. Erin and Mike made their way up on a beautiful summer afternoon to the Hudson Valley. We shot in town, fields, apple orchards and even a rusted out old pick up truck. Thanks for a great afternoon guys. Looking forward to capturing your day in November.


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Nicole & Joshua/New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Hyatt Morristown, Morristown, NJ

Nicole & Josh were like old friends. After capturing Josh's sister, Sara & Felix's wedding and also running into Nicole & Josh in Disney World I felt we knew each other pretty well. They had a great wedding at the Hyatt in Morristown and included a lot of kids!! Which of course I love capturing. Here is their story:

How We Met:
There is so much to say that I don’t really know where to begin…
Josh and I met through I was a single working mother with a four year old son. I had been on a lot of bad first dates. I was on my way to meet Josh when my sister called and made me promise that this would be my last first date through the website. I promised. When I saw Josh, I just knew it was him. He was quiet and polite. He was nervous yet engaging. We had so much in common. We both had a deep love for and commitment to our families. We lived four miles apart from each other and yet had never crossed paths. We parlayed our first date (which was simply dinner) into dinner and a movie. I knew after being around him that I never wanted to be without him. On the way home, he asked me out on our “third date”. That was it…I was hooked.

Our engagement:
Josh and I knew that we wanted to get married. We wanted to begin a life together. We took a trip to South Beach with his family in August of 2013. I absolutely hate surprises and made him promise that he would not propose on the trip or in public. He agreed…
On our third night, while getting ready for dinner I turned around and saw Josh on bended knee. He told me how happy I made him, how much he loved me, and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I said yes through my tears and said a silent prayer to be deserving of this beautiful man.

The Wedding:
Nothing good is ever easy! The wedding day proved to bring some challenges. With a sick father unable to attend and eight nieces and nephews under the age of six “helping”, the bridal suite was a little hectic. Instead of champagne flowing, juice boxes were spilling. I’m sure legos and barbies made it somehow into every picture! My poor nephew even got sick hours before the ceremony from spinning in the hair and makeup chair. Somehow everyone managed to get dressed. Somehow all the little ones were cleaned up and looking adorable. But that’s what we do. We pull together to make the most of these precious moments.
I love thinking back on the day. Remembering the faces as I walked down the aisle. Seeing Josh and my son Ethan for the first time. The ballroom and the beautiful flowers. The little details that finally came together. The little faces that just wanted to touch my dress. I remember dancing and laughing. I remember moments of pure happiness. I don’t know what I did to deserve this life…but I can’t wait to see these moments captured on film. Thank you Jeff.

Nicole & Joshua

Love this detail of Nicole's shoes.

The crowd goes crazy for Nicole on her day. :)

Light is everything. One of my favorite's from the day.

Another favorite from the day.

Some of the cuties from the day.

Little 'P' making her way up the aisle as mom cheers her on. :)

Great capture by Adrienne.Joshua got very emotional as he saw his bride walking up the aisle. Side Note: The DID see each other before the ceremony. The emotion was still there as Nicole walked up the aisle.

Anyone who has a Star Wars cake at their wedding is all right with me!!

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Kristina & Curtis/Crystal Springs Resort, NJ

Crystal Springs, Grand Cascades Lodge, Sussex County, NJ

Happy birthday'Merica and Happy wedding day Kristina & Curtis. What a great couple. I remember back when Kristina and I first spoke. She is an amazing photographer who runs The Luna Blue Studio. We hit it off right away form our phone consultation and never looked back. First we had a great E Session with her & Curtis at Allaire State Park. Then came time for her wedding. And what a wedding it was. Great friends, great family and of course Kristina and Curtis. They had their wedding at the beautiful Grand Cascades Lodge. The weather started to little 'iffy' as rain poured down in the morning as Kristina and Curtis were getting ready for the day. But it all ended after a few hours and they had a beautiful day to celebrate. Dj Paul Knox of SCE Events had the place jumping'. I also wanted to thank Russell Nicometi, the banquet manager at Crystal Springs for all his help and 'being cool'. In a lot of reception halls and venues some of the Matr'd's and Event coordinators are so overbearing and don't know how to stay out of the way. Russell was nothing but helpful! I like to acknowledge him for that. Here is their story:

How we met:
At first we certainly weren't screaming it from any rooftops but now? MATCH.COM!! There, I screamed it! We met on friggin and I am thankful for that site everyday. I was one year strong after a rough break up and Curtis was moving up from Tampa for work and somehow, through all the crazies, we found each other! It was easy to fall for Curtis.. And every day, we both just fell harder and harder and only a few months later, we decided to move in together. That honeymoon phase people talk about? Yea, that never ended for us...

Our engagement:
It was Christmas Eve 2012 and one month after losing my dad. Xmas eve was the holiday we always spent with my dad so his absence was almost more than I could handle. I began crying at dinner and was seconds away from asking Curtis to take me home when my stepmom stood up to make a speech. We all said cheers in memory of my dad which made the tears flow even faster.. Then my sister stood up for a speech- which she NEVER does. She had a gift in her hand and began to say how hard the past month had been for me and that she decided to get me something I always wanted.. She handed me the bag and as I opened it, I noticed her grab my camera (which I was told to bring and didn't really know why- the life of a photographer I guess)... In the bag, was an ornament that said "I asked. She said yes. 2012." I was confused and looked at my sister who was crying behind the camera- the camera that was pointed at me. When the world stopped spinning, I heard "Baby?" When I looked to my left, Curtis was on his knee holding out the most beautiful ring.. I nodded like crazy and hugged him so tight! He had to ask to put the ring on because I actually forgot all about it! Best part? It had started snowing when we sat down for dinner and stopped immediately after the proposal.. My dad was there after all.

The wedding:
We got married at the amazing Crystal Springs Golf Resort in Hamburg Nj and it was everything I ever dreamt of. The views, the food- everything. We had a rustic, cozy theme throughout the day. Our florist made our vision come to life in that ballroom! The music was perfect and we danced ALLLL night. One thing about Curtis and I is that we are all about fun! When we are together, it's nothing but fun, love, and happiness (sappy, I know) and that's what our wedding day was for us! Marrying my soulmate and best friend with all of our favorite people around was something that I will never forget and will dream about for the rest of my life... Or at least until we renew our vows someday and do it alllll again! Oh and having Jeff there to capture it all?? The icing on the cake!!!

Kristina & Curtis

Krsitina's rockin shoes.

Anyone guess what this one is?

'Sexy Little Bride'...

Fun one with her sister getting ready for the day.

Hell yeah...

Kristina and her flower girl sharing some love.

Great capture by Dan of Curtis and his best man getting ready.

Of course you have to have 'Patriotic' sox on the fourth of July.

Kristina looked beautiful and was smiles all day.

Love this series. This was their first reveal seeing each other as bride & groom. It just got real!! Very emotional moment.

Of course with it being the fourth we had to include the flag in their also.

Curtis and his boys looking bad ass!

Love this one with the little guys sticking their heads in the shot.

And of course Kristina and her girls wanted a crazy one also. :)

One of my favs. from the day.

If you know Kristina and Curtis you know this one is definitely 'them'!!

HA HA!!! This is their Presidential campaign poster.

Curtis tearing up as he watches his beautiful bride walk to him. See folks. Even with the reveal the emotion and feeling IS still there!!

Love the emotion of these as Kristina and mom walk up the aisle together to Curtis.

A kiss,a high-five and a kid doing a handstand. Now that's sealing the deal!

Lot's of details for the day.

Nice moment as Kristina and Curtis see their memorial table set up for loved ones who were there in spirit.

First dance surrounded by love.

Kristina got emotional during her sisters speech.

Love these. Paul from SCE Events got EVERYONE on the floor for a photo. I knew Kristina was a huge Pearl Jam fan. So I called Paul over and told him to get the crowd to pick her up and let her crowd surf. I think I remember Kristina's response was 'Hell yeah!!!" This was her Eddie Vedder moment.

Curtis getting worked over on the dance floor. Nice upper cut!

Curtis's family is from New Orleans so to celebrate his family and their roots they had the classic New Orleans dance called 'The Second Line". Very fun.

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